Having a good sleep is necessary for health, and so is the sleeping position. The good shape of our body depends upon the position we sleep in.

If you are having a problem sleeping or you are going through neck pain, back, and hip pain.

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If there is any problem with your digestive system and stomach, there is a great chance that all these problems are because of the position you sleep in. So, you should probably switch to the one that is suitable for you. Though it’s not that easy but you should give it a try. Finding the best position might be a great problem for you. Therefore, to make it easy, I have listed the three-sleeping position in the best to worst order.

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The Best One

Sleeping On Your Back

There are three types of back sleeping: soldier, savasana and starfish. This position is not that common, and it is estimated that over 8 % of people sleep in this position. The research shows that this position is proven to be the best position we can sleep in.

People who sleep in this position have no chance of developing any kind of neck, back, and hip pain. This position will also give relief to the people already suffering from these problems.

It is that so because while sleeping in this position, our spine and head are kept in their natural alignment. By using a right pillow, back sleeping along with giving you pain relief, also prevent you from acid reflux making the head a little higher than your esophagus. This position is also good for people having problems with their digestive system.

Back sleeping also prevents early aging, wrinkles and sagging of breasts. The only disadvantage of this position is that it increases the snoring.

Not Good, Not Bad

The different types of sleeping positions have different impacts on your health and body. However, if you have found the best mattress according to your sleeping position, you will see remarkable improvement in your sleeping cycle.

Sleeping On Your Side

Side sleepers sleep in log, yearner, and fetal positions. It is the most common position and 15 % of people catch their snooze in this position. Sleeping on the side does have a good effect on your health, but it is not that best as sleeping on your back.

Your spine is naturally aligned in this position. While sleeping in this position, you have lesser chances of developing neck and back pain. Because your airways are open and esophagus fully aligned, there is no snoring and acid reflux. Moreover, you can breathe more efficiently. Sleeping in this position on a firm mattress makes you feel more comfortable.

Pregnant women will find this position more comfortable. It will prevent their uterus pressing against the liver. This will also provide a good circulation of blood for the fetal.

The bad side of this position is that your upper leg is not having enough support resulting in leg or hip pain. You are more likely to get wrinkles at an early age. In women, it causes sagginess as well.

The Worst One

Sleeping On Your Stomach

Stomach sleepers sleep in either skydiver position or free faller position. The worst position, which the doctors also advice to avoid is sleeping on your back. About 7 % of the human population sleep on their back.

This position can affect you in many ways. As you cannot breathe in this position, you have to tilt your neck a little bit. This type of sleeping position is highly likely to cause your spine to misalign.

Stomach sleepers have a great chance of developing neck pain, back, and hip pain. It damages your muscles and joints. You can develop stiffness in shoulders in this position. In women, it can cause sagginess and signs of old age earlier than expected.

Even if you search for the best mattresses in the world, this sleeping position is by no means ideal for your health because it will only make things worse for you.

This sleeping position can give you heartburn, acid reflux, and other digestive problems. Pregnant women should completely avoid sleeping in this position. This position only helps to stop snoring.


The most important thing to focus on our life is our health. Sleep and sleeping positions play an important role in our health. If you are going through any muscular problem, neck and back pain or any kind of digestive issue. You must change your sleeping position to prevent insomnia.

Here are Five Severe Effects of Sleep Deprivation that can illuminate you in this matter. You should be sleeping in the best position. After walking through all the pros and cons of each sleeping position, we have come to a satisfactory conclusion that the best and healthiest way to sleep in is flat on you back as it will prevent you from many problems.


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