Products made with traditional gel have become so common that even cows get to use them. Pasture Mats that are used for cows to stand on are basically gel pads but in order to infuse gel technology for human comfort, things needed to change.

Since we aren’t as heavy as cows, straight gel wouldn’t work for us because it pushes back too much. This is why, gel mattresses that we find abundantly in the market are combined with memory foam.

The manufactures of gel mattresses are hopeful that it will provide a more comfortable and equal pressure across the body. This article detailed below will inform you about everything you need to know about gel mattresses.

History of Gel Infused Mattresses

Gel-infused mattresses came into being back in 2006 and were invented by Charles Yost. Yost is the same person who invented memory foam back in the 1970s for NASA. The memory foam was originally used for replacing the regular foam in NASA’s aircrafts.

Gel-infused mattresses are also known as the “third-generation foam.” Before the manufacturers started infusing memory foams with gel, the only mattress options were the traditional mattresses made up of synthetic or plant-based mattresses.

However, Gel mattresses didn’t become really popular until 2010. Serta was the first company to manufacture an ideally comfortable mattress to lay on by using the Gel-technology.

What is a Gel Foam Mattress?

A gel foam mattress is a mattress that combines spring or foam base together to make up a hybrid mattress for maximum comfort. Gel foam is a viscoelastic foam mixed with gel beads that provide extra support and help to reduce heat build-up.

 Gel Foam Mattress

Gel foam is designed to fulfill the ultimate desire of comfort and to give competition to the popular memory foam.

You will find different types of gel mattresses in the market and the most common type is Geltex. The Geltex mattress is sold by most brands as Silentnight or Sealy. The public reviews of gel mattresses have always been positive because of the sleep-inducing quality they have in them

A remarkable research has been made recently according to which gel foam mattresses can be an ideal match for your back pain issues.

Most of the popular companies of mattresses do not really tell what their gel is really made up of except for the fact that it is a combination of “phase-changing materials”. However, all we know is that gel-infused mattresses are made up of a synthetic material, which is why they are more breathable than plain memory foam.

  • Cool restful sleep
  • Full body support
  • Better spine alignment
  • More resilient
  • Can be costly
  • Not ideal for side sleepers

What is Geltex?

Geltext is a material which is made by combining foam crystals, gel beads, and air-filled cells. The Geltex is known for providing ultimate comfort and support. It offers three major benefits to its users,

Optimal Pressure Relief

Geltex has an amazingly flexible and responsive structure. It distributes the body weight evenly and offers you support where you need it the most while preventing pressure point build-up.

Amazing Body Support

The Geltex mattress is highly elastic in nature. It offers perfect spinal alignment, immediate spring-back and tailored body support for maximum comfort throughout the night.

No matter which position you choose to sleep in, gel mattresses always adopt to your sleeping position that helps you in sleeping with more comfort and less disturbance.

Unrivaled Breathability

The Geltex mattresses come with an open-cell structure that allows the air to pass through. This feature reduces the risk of overheating that keeps the mattress odorless and refreshed.

Why do People go for Gel Mattresses?

Gel foam mattresses have become a favorite among the users according to their reviews and the Consumer reports: mattress buying guides. They offer an incredible sleeping experience and work amazingly well for people suffering from chronic back pain. Your search for the best mattress brands for back pain will hopefully end with a gel mattress. Here are five major benefits of sleeping of Gel Mattresses.

Full-body Support

Gel mattresses offer complete body support. They keep your spinal alignment intact without pressurizing specific points. Instead, they make sure to provide equal support to your entire body so that you can have an amazing sleeping experience.

Healthy Weight Distribution

The gel-mattresses do not cradle you. Instead, they keep you on the surface of the bed while maintaining an equal weight distribution. This way, you have equal pressure to your entire body parts, and your muscles do not go numb because of an irregular pressure while sleeping.

Temperature Regulation

The traditional foams that you find in the market tend to heat up during summers which makes it hard to sleep on them. However, a Gel Mattress will maintain its temperature throughout the night because it never heats up.

Amazing Durability

These gel mattresses do not lose their shape over time and are meant to last for decades. They are highly durable as they remain firm through the years. This is another reason why people choose gel mattresses over traditional foams because they are a great investment.

It is Suitable for All Kinds of Sleeping Postures

Doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or straight sleeper. Gel mattresses are suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions. They offer equal support throughout the bedding. No matter what your sleeping posture is, you will always get a relaxing full-night sleep.

So, this is everything you need to know about gel mattresses. We hope this was helpful to you in deciding whether you need a gel mattress for your home or not.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback in the comments below.


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