Sleep plays an important role in our lives. So does the sleeping position. Sleeping reflects our personalities. Yes, our sleeping position does show what kind of person we are. For example, the people who sleep in fetal position are often shy but open up and relax quickly. Similarly, the log sleepers are friendly and carefree, the yearner sleepers are much more open-minded.

Sleeping positions also have a great impact on our health. It is possible that your neck pain, back pain, muscle cramping, tummy troubles, sleeping problem, and heart bun may be due to the position you sleep in.

So, if you are having any of these problems, you might switch your sleeping position. Basically, there are three main sleeping positions: Side, Back, and Stomach. These positions have five different styles discussed below:

1. Fetal Position

This position is one of the most popular sleeping positions. Almost 41 percent of people choose this position for sleeping. The number of women sleeping in this position is relatively higher than in men. In the fetal position, the person sleep on the side with the legs curled toward the chest and chin tucked in. An air mattress or a gel mattress will suit you best to sleep in this position

Impact on Health

This position is best for pregnant women as it improves the blood circulation of the baby. It becomes easy for the essential nutrients to reach your growing baby. Plus, in this position, your uterus is not pressed against the liver. It is better to use a memory foam mattress for sleeping in this position as it offers contouring support to relieve the pressure points.

Sleeping in this position might prevent you from getting some neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as your brain works more efficiently in clearing the waste materials that are the cause of these disorders.

This position also has some negative effects like it will cause the neck and back pain. Your spine will be affected by sleeping in this posture.

Impact on Personality

The people who like to be sleeping in this position are found to be shy and reserved. They put a hard shell around themselves but are soft-hearted and kind from the inside. At first, they are self-contained but relaxed and become friends faster.

2. Log Position

There is a large group of people who sleep in this position. Sleeping in this position, a person lies on the side with both hands at the sides in parallel line. About 15 % of people catch their snooze in this position.

Impact on Health

Sleeping in this posture is not that bad. In fact, it has some good effects on your health. Sleeping in the log position, especially on your left side is great for digestion. It can also reduce the heartburn.

This position is ideal for the spine as it is aligned in its natural position. You are less likely to get back and neck pain. This position reduces snoring and sleep apnea. This position is also good for pregnant women as it circulates the blood in fetal.

This position can also cause you a little damage. As your top leg is not getting enough support there is a chance you may develop hip pain. It can also lead to facial wrinkles. It can also cause stiffness in your shoulders and jaw tightness.

Impact on Personality

Log sleepers are often social and friendly. They are carefree and good at making friends. They become famous in their surroundings and are trusting people.

3. Soldier Position

When you are lying flat on your back with the arms on your side, the position will be called a soldier position. This is the most common position for sleeping and every third person sleeps like this. You can search for firm mattresses because they can keep your body and arms in-line.

Impact on Health

There is good news for those who sleep in this position. It is the second-best position for sleeping. This position has some really good effects on health. This is the best position to relieve you from back and neck pain.

Your spine would be aligned in this position as your body will be free of any extra curves. The wrinkles will stay away from you, and you will stay away from acid reflux. You won’t get any heartburn.

The people suffering from back pain will find this position more helpful if they sleep on a latex or a memory foam gel-infused mattresses are also helpful for back sleepers to take a comfortable nap. We also have a list of mattresses for backpain.

There are some negatives as well. This position will become a problem for those who have snoring problems and those who suffer from sleep aponia.

Impact on Personality

The people who sleep in this position are often just like the name. They are reserved, quiet and disciplined. They like strict moral rules for themselves and others.

4. Yearner Position

The people who like to sleep on their sides with their arms stretched out in front of them as if they are reaching for something that is said to be yearner sleepers. About 13% of people like to sleep in this position. If you are a yearner sleeper, then you should sleep on your left side.

Impact on Health

This position also has some advantages the same as the log. The person sleeping in this position is less likely to develop neck, back, and hip pain. It keeps you from snoring and sleep apnea. This position gives relive to heat burn.

There is a less chance of acid reflux for the yearner sleepers. This position reduces the chance of neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson.

The disadvantage of this position is that it can cause pain in the shoulders and arms. The person sleeping in this position is more likely to get wrinkles in early age.

Impact on Personality

The people sleeping in this position are open-minded but analytical and logical. They are unsure about making their decisions and don’t trust others quickly.

5. Free Faller Position

In free faller position the person lies on the stomach with the hands under the pillow or wrapped around is not the best position for sleeping and some doctors advise against it.

Impact on Health

This position is only suitable for you if you have some digestive problem, as this position helps in digestion and reduces acid reflux and heartburn. In some cases, it helps reduce snoring. But other than this, this position is not good for your body. It is difficult to breathe in this position.

In order to breathe, the person will have to turn the neck which will result in the misalignment of your spine. It will increase your neck and back pain. It can also cause stiffness in the back. It also leads to early aging and might stress your internal organs.

if you are a stomach sleeper and cannot switch your position, then you should better try to sleep on the right mattress that will suit you. most of the stomach sleeper find it easier to sleep on a hybrid mattress or a firm memory foam.

Impact on Personality

The people sleeping in this position are mostly found to be friendly, bold, confident, and social.


After going through all these different positions of sleeping, we get to know all the pros and cons of the position we sleep in. Though we cannot change the person we are, but we can do something about our fitness.

So, if you think that your health is being affected by the position you sleep in, you must probably switch to another position that will be suitable for you.


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