Sleep has a great impact on our lives. and so does the position we sleep in. Yes, our sleeping position says a lot about ourselves, our health and even our personality.

Our sleeping position impacts our posture, our sleep, our back, our heart, and even our brain. Sleeping position also determines our physical health.

Basically, there are three types of sleeping positions. because of certain differences, they are divided onto further parts

To know how many types of sleeping positions are there and how they affects our overall health, must give this article a detailed review.

Types of sleeping positions

As I have already said, there are three basic types of sleeping positions that are: Back Position, Side position, and the Stomach Position.

Every position is further divided into sub-sleeping positions according to their specific characteristics and each position has a different effect on our health and personalities.

So, let’s start from the very first.

Back Position

A person laying straight with his back touching the surface of the bed is said to be sleeping in the back position. It’s not the most popular position.

it is always hard to sleep on your back and only eight percent of people are estimated to be sleeping on their backs.

sleeping on back

But still, it is the safest and the healthiest position for sleeping. It has some really positive effects on your back, shoulders, and neck.

Back position helps your spine to stay in natural alignment and prevents it from getting foxed in abnormal positions.

Now I am gonna walk you through its different types of sleeping positions and sleeping order, how they affect our body and our personalities.

The Soldier Position

In this position, a sleeper sleeps on his back with his arms straightened on each side of his body or laying in a Criss-Cross manner on his chest.

This position is considered as the best amongst them all because this sleepy position allows your spine and back to rest in their natural alignment.

Your spine is free of any unusual curves, especially if you aren’t using many pillows.

Effect on health

The positive part of this position is that it prevents the acid reflux and heartburn because your head is elevated by a pillow. This position is also best to prevent wrinkles, antiaging, sagging of skin and chest.

It also lowers the risks of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The negative of this position is that it is the major cause of snoring in many people. Back sleepers have much chance of developing the snoring habit than any of the others.

Moreover, it is not a really good position for you if you are suffering from sleep apnea because it makes the matter worse.

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Effect on personality

Just like the name suggests, people sleeping in this position are considered to be more reserved, disciplined and want others to maintain the discipline also.

But still, it doesn’t mean that all the soldier sleepers are like that, there is a fifty percent chance that some might be different.

The Starfish Position

This is another variation of back position. A person sleeping in this position is laying free on his back with his arms stretched near the head. Some starfish sleepers have their legs stretched to the sides also.

Just like the soldier position, this position is also considered to be great for the natural alignment of the spine and back. And helps treat disorders in muscles.

Effect on health

This position is great for curing lower back pain, hip pain, acid reflux, heartburn, cardiovascular problems, and neck pain. And is also good in lowering the risk of dementia.

But the drawback of this position is that you might have to face some shoulder issues and aches in arms due to stretching of arms near your head. It can also cause snoring problems and sleep apnea.

Effect on personality

Starfish sleepers are often good listeners and mostly very friendly. There are more social than soldier sleepers and are really fast at making new friends.

Side Position

This position is considered the second-best position after the back position. In this position, a person is laying either on his left or the right side.

sleeping on side

This is the most common and most popular sleeping position. Almost 74 percent of the population sleeps on their sides. Sleeping on the right side may cause more acid reflux, therefore, it is best to sleep on your right side,

it is also good for your heart and other cardiovascular muscles.
There are further three parts of side position, that are:

The Log Position

Log sleepers sleep on their sides either left or right, and their arms at their sides. There are almost 15 percent of people who sleep in this position.

This position requires a fluffy pillow under your neck or otherwise, it will cause discomfort. This position also helps your spine to rest in its natural alignment.

Effect on health

Log position makes your spine and back naturally aligned and prevents form unusual curves. It is great for healing back, hip, torso and neck pain.

This position is also the best position to prevent snoring. Sleeping in this position on your left side also prevents form acid reflux, heartburn, and cardiovascular disorders.

The negative is that it can cause problems with your shoulders and arms due to the too much pressure exerted upon them through your body.

Effect on personality

These people are really social and mild people. They don’t get angry or upset much. They like to be around lots of people and want to be the focal point of everyone.

These people trust anyone easily, therefore sometimes they are easily deceived by the outsiders.

The Yearner

Sleeping in this position, a person lays on his side with his arms stretched to the outside and seems like if he is reaching for something. This position has the same advantage as the log position because there is only a little difference.

This position really helps in keeping your spine aligned but if you have your one leg unsupported. It can also cause a problem for you. Almost 13 percent of people are thought to be sleeping in this position.

Effect on health

This position is great for neck, back and spine pain. It also relieves acid reflux and heartburns just like the other side positions. Also good for maintaining the right posture and helps prevents cardiovascular disorders.

The problem with this position as I have already said is that if your one leg is not supported it would hurt your hips and backs. Moreover, it may cause frozen shoulders because they have too much mass laying on them.

Effects on personality

These people are often very friendly and social, but at the same time very suspicious and don’t trust anyone easily. They know a lot of people but hesitate at making a lot of friends.

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The Foetus

Just like its name, people sleeping in fetal or the baby position are laying at their sides and have their knees and head both bent insides. About forty percent of people choose this position for sleeping.

It is not a very good position but does have some of its advantages. It is a great position for the pregnant ladies as it provides them comfort during sleep.

Effects on health

It is a good position for the circulation of blood, especially in pregnant women, it also improves the circulation in babies. It provides support to your uterus during pregnancy. Also good for keeping the snoring away.

Effect on personalities

They are often reserved when you first meet them but gradually mix up with you. they are gentle-hearted and warm like the babies.

Stomach Position

sleeping on stomach

The worst position of all and has no benefits. Stomach sleepers lay on their bellies with their heads turned to their sides.

Almost 16 percent of people sleep in this position. Doctors and Researchers usually don’t recommend sleeping in this position. This position has a lot of drawbacks with no benefit at all. It has only one type.

Free faller

Free fallers sleep on their tummies in a free-falling style with their arms spread and their heads twisted to either side.

Effects on health

It ruins the natural alignment of your spine and flattens it. this can lead to back problems, hip pain, shoulder pain. With your head twisted to the side, you are much likely to develop neck pain and headaches.

This position can also lead to dementia problems, heart and chest problems. It can also cause breathing problems. Its only advantage is that it prevents snoring, which in my opinion is not an advantage at all.

Effects on personalities

Free fallers are often very friendly and confident. They are really social and are ready to face any challenge.

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So, after knowing that your sleeping position can really affect your health and maybe your personality too, you should start to switch your sleeping position if it is not a suitable one.

It not that easy to suddenly switch to another position, in fact, it is really difficult because it is something you have to do when you are not even in your consciousness, but you can at least try to do so, so you can have a healthy life.

You can ask your partner to alert you if you are sleeping in a wrong position or you can ask your parents to come and check on you when you are sleeping and wake you up if you are sleeping in the wrong way.


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