Spring mattresses have a history of over decades. People have been using different kinds of spring mattresses ever since mattress companies started manufacturing them. When we say spring mattress, it automatically describes the type of mattress. Spring mattresses are not mere foam like memory foams or other materials like gel or latex. They have layers of foam between which a layer of springs is included.

Spring mattresses do not only use one type of foam. There are spring mattresses that use memory foam, latex foam, or gel foam technology. This wide array of options sometimes create difficulty for the customer to choose the best mattress for their sleeping position or back pain.

Although doctors do not prescribe spring mattresses for spinal issues, there are some mattresses that have provide their credibility in curing chronical pains and back issues.

Types Of Mattress Springs

It might be a little surprising for you because you probably never heard about the types of springs. People have long been searching for the types of spring mattresses. However, we are here to provide you with the types of mattress springs as well.

Bonnell Spring

Bonnell spring is the most popular and oldest type of mattress spring. Bonnell springs were used when the spring mattresses were just launched, and they are still used in the latest models of mattresses as well.

Bonnell spring mattresses are known for their effectiveness, reliability, and cost-friendliness. The shape of these springs are almost like an hourglass. These springs are connected to each other through metal wires when they are used in a mattress.

The mattresses with this spring type are mostly cheap because of the old-school technology used in designing and manufacturing. The equal placement of springs in spring mattresses makes them ideal to manage the bodyweight of obese people.

However, comfort can be a hard-to-get thing if you have a back issue. There are three, five, and seven zones in the Bonnell spring that you can choose according to the level of support you need.

Pocketed Spring

The most commonly used modern spring type in mattresses is the pocket spring. Customers are going crazy over the mattresses that use the pocketed springs. When these springs are used in the mattresses, no spring is connected to the other spring through any wire. Every spring is independently inserted in its own pocket that makes it comfier and more reliable.

These springs will not pop their heads out of the mattress when they have had enough of your weight. A range of 300 to 1,000 pocketed springs can be inserted in a mattress. These springs are covered in their own pockets, which is why motion transfer becomes easier.

Coil Spring

Coil springs are also called innerspring, and the mattresses that use coil springs are called innerspring mattresses. The coil springs use metal coils that are interconnected with each other that creates better support and resistance. The material of coil springs is durable, and it is designed to provide added comfort to the sleeper.

Coil springs are comparatively hard and without any covering, which is why manufacturers use memory foam or latex foam as the lower and surface layer of coil spring mattresses.

Double Spring

Double spring is another type of mattress spring that is being used in the contemporary spring mattresses. Double springs are inserted in the mattress by making a combination of an upper and lower spring. This improved elasticity in the mattress and creates a better bounce effect to get out of bed easily.

The double spring has a lot more capacity to handle weight that its counterparts. With this type of spring mattress, you will have better support and undisturbed sleep.

No doubt that sleeping on a spring mattress sounds modern, but don’t forget about your comfort. It is important to know about the springs that are used in the spring mattresses you are shortlisting so that you may buy the right one.

We hope that this article has provided you enough information about all the types of mattress springs available in the market and used by the most popular mattress manufacturing companies.

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