The confusion and choices you face while buying a mattress are the worst of all the decisions that you have to make in your life. There are several reasons why finding the best-suited mattress for your body is extremely important. First and foremost it is a very expensive decision. You are not going to invest this much money again and again and once you have made a wrong decision you have to live with it for at least 8 to 10 years.

Another reason is that a wrong mattress can change you as a person. With so many different harms of sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress, you might end up with body aches and soreness and this will change you into a super cranky person. 

These days we have some very clear choices available too, but at times clear choices are the worst to comprehend and make. The hottest question of the industry these days is Tempurpedic vs. memory foam which mattress is better?

And here we are today to help you find the best answer to this question. In this article, we will compare the two most famous types of mattresses and help you make this difficult decision. 


To get into the detail of each of the two types of mattresses at hand, we have to first get a little overview of the two.


Tempurpedic Mattress

  • It is a time tested product that has made its place in the market with years of great service.
  • It gives you a variety of options to choose from and you can find your perfect mattress most likely from one place.
  • Provides great motion isolation.
  • Some of the mattresses can increase sleep temperature.
  • They are not very transparent about what they use to make their mattress which is a huge turn-off.
  • It is very costly as compared to other brands.

It is the name of a company who initially used to make foams for astronauts and NASA. Later, they joined the commercial market and introduced their viscoelastic polyurethane foam. This is the patented technology owned by the company that provides you with a comfortable and supportive sleep throughout the night.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress

  • Provides body contouring and hugs your body accordingly.
  • Great motion isolation ability.
  • Different brands provide a variety of comfort choices.
  • Some of the mattresses can fairly increase body temperature while sleeping.
  • You have to search for a different brand every time one brand fails to provide you with choices.
  • Quality of the material varies a lot across brands.

Memory foam is a general term used for a number of different foams that take the shape of your body and rebounds soon after you get up. These foams contour around a person and give him a perfect posture by aligning the spine. This reduces pressure points on the body and gives you a very unique sleeping experience. This foam is also considered ideally used for baby mattresses.


The built of every mattress is very different. Mostly different types of foams are combined to make one great mattress. The construction of these two types of foams is very different from each other too. 


Tempur is well known for using multiple layers of foam and innerspring mattress to provide a series of options for the end consumers. Most of the time the outermost two layers are made with signature Tempurpedic foam variations and they use both high density and spring core to provide the best and most comfortable sleeping experience. 

Memory Foam

There are thousands of different types of memory foams that are commercially available in the market. They vary according to their thickness and other qualities including thickness, resilience, etc. Most of the times a few layers of different foams are used in any memory foam mattress to increase airflow that will make the mattress more breathable. 


Comfort is a very subjective quality and every person can have a very different opinion about the comfort level of any mattress. This is a general public option that we have gathered here to help you make a little more informed decision. 


Tempur gives you a chance to choose your own specific comfort level from a series of mattresses with varying firmness and support levels. Different types of foams could be suitable for different sleeping positions and the most comfortable mattress is different for every person. Their different lines of options include a Flex, Cloud, Contour, and Breeze choices for all types of sleepers

Memory Foam

When it comes to comfort, memory foam doesn’t give you a lot of choices. Most of the memory foams are not available in a super plush feel. Besides, mattress companies manufacture their own specific type of memory foam and you have to change the company if you are not satisfied with one variety of the foam. Unlike Tempurpedic, not many companies create a whole range of foams with different firmness levels. 


When making an investment as big as a mattress, one thing that we want to be absolutely sure about is durability. The more durable foam is, the higher are the chances of the mattress lasting longer. 


Tempurpedic has still kept the formulation and composition of their foam a secret. However keeping all the reviews in mind, it is quite clear that the company maintains an image full of trust. Their 10 years warranty is worth bidding for. 

Memory Foam

As there are a lot of companies manufacturing memory foam, a secret formulation is not a very attractive thing at all. Many times you might end up with bad quality memory foam with a shorter lifespan. The best way to deal with this issue is good research and reading people’s reviews about it. 


In conclusion, both of these mattresses are good and bad in their own way. To make the final choice easier for you we have compiled a complete list of pros and cons of both the products. This is a summary of how you should be differentiating the two types of mattresses. 


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