When we are surrounded by chemicals and synthetic materials, it becomes very hard to sustain a natural lifestyle. We can change the food we eat but we might forget one of the most important things in our life and all the harmful chemicals used to make it; that is our mattress.

To deal with this problem, certain companies have dedicated themselves to manufacture pure and natural products. Sleep on latex mattress is one such amazing natural product. It is made with 100 percent natural latex and cotton material, which makes it ideal for the people who love to use Eco-friendly products. A guilt-free sleep is just here for you. 

But how effective is this product? To check it, we decided to gather sleep on latex mattress reviews that can help us and our readers to decide how effective it is to buy this mattress. Well, spoiler alert, everything came out quite positive, so let’s get started.

Material Used

Natural latex has gained a lot of popularity these days and many companies are capitalizing on it as well. Sleep on latex mattress also uses pure and natural Dunlop latex with a minute amount of binding agents in it. Overall, the product is very pure and natural, as the mattress is free from any petroleum-derived harmful toxins.

Not only the inside, but the outside of this mattress is remarkably safe too. It is made with pure cotton fabric, which is not only very safe but also 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Sizes Available

The mattress is available in two basic forms for people to choose from. You just need to be sure of the size of the mattress you may want. There is not a huge difference in their price; that is why the choice is totally dependent upon personal preference. The low profile one is 7 inches tall while the standard sleep on a latex mattress is 9 inches tall.

The Firmness Of The Mattress

Latex mattresses are mostly considered very firm due to the high-density material it is manufactured with. But very firm mattresses could be super uncomfortable for some people. Keeping this in mind, Sleep on gives you a number of options to choose from.

Feeling When You Lie On

Sleep on has outdone itself yet again. Their new mattress technology is very comfortable for sleeping with the best quality removal of the motion transfer. Your sleeping temperature is maintained throughout the night giving you a relaxing and uninterrupted sleep. When it comes to the quality of sleep, this mattress is highly recommended by many.


Most of the time, natural latex-based products are very expensive. This is something companies can’t help because getting 100 percent natural material is very difficult. It increases the cost price of the mattress. That is why this trend is not very common. Even today, a lot of companies prefer synthetic materials over natural ones just to reduce the cost price.

Latex Mattress Reviews

  • 100 percent natural
  • Very comfortable
  • 3 different firmness options
  • Maintain and regulate sleep temperature
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very beneficial for our health as it prevents a lot of illnesses
  • Help in soothing back pain
  • Latex can be too firm for some people
  • This mattress is expensive as compared to the other synthetic alternatives

Sleep on has taken this amazing initiative because people out there want to pay the price for natural material. Even if it is expensive, it is a great investment. When we weight down the benefits that it has to offer, this mattress proves itself to be a very cost-effective option.

Final Thoughts

On a final note, sleep on latex mattress reviews focus on how great the mattress is. This mattress is going to prevent a lot of problems in your life. A synthetic alternative has nothing to offer but its low price. Keeping all the factors in mind, we are giving sleep on latex mattress a green signal. 

If you care about the environment and yourself, this is your chance. If we really want to eliminate all the bad chemicals and synthetic products out of our lives and environment, then we have to take a step ourselves. This little life-changer can save you drastic effects on your health.


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