Buying a mattress becomes very stressful especially when you are not a mattress expert, which most of us are not! There are so many options and choices and most of the time we feel so confused and helpless about them that we buy whatever first option we are presented with.

I have seen people buying larger mattresses for smaller beds and vice versa just because they do not understand the options of sizes. But we will make the choice easier for you by explaining everything that you need to know about the sizes of a mattress.

Sizes of Mattresses

To begin with, there are commonly 7 different types of mattresses. The best way to start looking for a mattress is to understand the exact size of your mattress. Do not go for the words of your bed dealer.

They at times mislead you to make their product look like a better option for you to buy, and mostly the people fall into this trap.

In the following, we have made a list of all the seven common sizes of mattresses that are commonly found in the US and this will help you understand the size of your own mattress too. 


Twin size mattresses are the smallest of all the available sizes. These are mostly for single people who live alone and do not have to share the bed with anyone quite often. This size is ideal if you want to save up some space in your room and have a comfortable sleep as well.

It can easily adjust in a corner and above all, it is very easy to move around the house.

Mostly such a mattress is perfect for people living in a dorm room or for kids you do not need to fill the extra space with a huge mattress. You can also use this type of mattresses for babies.

This size is easily available in many mattresses and you won’t have to look for it a lot if you want one. If you want to know what the size of a twin mattress is, here are the dimensions. 

Height: 75 inches

Width: 38 inches

Twin XL

This is an option for the people who are taller and are unable to fit on a twin-sized mattress. If you have a growing kid who feels uncomfortable sleeping on the twin mattress, this one is your next best choice.

There is nothing much different in a twin and a twin XL mattress except that a twin XL is a few inches longer than the normal twin mattress. It won’t take a lot of space in your room but it will help you sleep comfortably as well. Its dimensions are, 

Height: 80 inches

Width: 38 inches


This one is the biggest mystery for most of people. When you first hear about a full-sized mattress the first question that pops up in your mind is what is the size of a full mattress?

Well, for starters you can assume that a full-sized mattress is made for two people.  But most people do not like to sleep on it with a partner and choose a Queen mattress over a full-sized mattress. 

It is bigger than a twin mattress but a little smaller than the Queen sized one and that is why mostly it is recommended for single people who want to sleep alone comfortably.

Height: 75 inches

Width: 54 inches

Full XL

A full XL-sized mattress has the same width as that of a full-sized one but it is approximately 5 inches longer than the latter. This type of mattress is perfect for the people who are taller and who want to sleep in a comfy and spacious bed but at the same time, they do not want to waste extra space by buying a Queen sized mattress. 

Unfortunately, the width of a full and a full XL mattress is the same that is why it is still not comfortable for couples to sleep on it together. 

Height: 80 inches

Width: 54 inches


This is the standard bed for couples who want to sleep comfortably without any disturbance. It is spacious enough to accommodate a couple and long enough that even the tallest people can comfortably fit in. 

A queen-sized mattress is considered as the most cost-effective option due to its large size and lower cost in comparison to the other sizes. It is ideal for couples but too much for singles. 

Height: 80 inches

Width: 60 inches

Cal King

California king-sized mattress is the tallest mattress that you can ever find in the market. This is specially designed for people who are so tall that they are unable to fit into the normal-sized beds.

When we compare it to a king-sized mattress, California King Mattress is 4 inches lesser in width but at the same time, 4 inches longer too. It is big enough to accommodate couples as well. 

Height: 84 inches

Width: 72 inches


This is the biggest size of mattress that you can find and trust us, it is huge and it takes a lot of space in your room. It is especially recommended for extra-large sized rooms. It is very expensive due to the luxury feel it provides and hence most people do not invest extra in buying a king-sized mattress over a Queen sized one.

The best feature of a king-sized mattress is the extra moving space that it allows for couples so that they can move around without disturbing their partner. It gives you a real kingly feel and spending extra bucks for that is completely fine for some people. 

Height: 80 inches

Width: 76 inches


There is no one perfect size of the mattress and the choice totally depends upon the space you have and your personal preference of having extra sleeping space. This is a little insight that could help you in deciding which size suits your needs the most. 


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