Are you also wondering about the craze about a latex mattress in the industry? Why is it so famous and why does everyone recommend you to buy one? Well, here we are to answer all the questions popping up in the minds of an average user.

Most importantly, we will answer the biggest question that we have on the floor these days, what are the common latex mattress complaints? Before we dig into the part of the complaints, we would want you to have a complete understanding of a latex mattress and how is this technology affecting the overall mattress industry.

We will also tell you the difference between natural, synthetic and blended latex mattresses. If you have the right mattress buying guide by your side, you will be able to make your decision more easily and vigilantly.

Types of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are super soft and they are very supportive for an average sleeper. However, depending on the type of the latex mattress, the softness and firmness varies. Although its fame totally depends upon the personal preferences of many people, the most common types of mattresses that you will find are natural, synthetic and blended.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is obtained from the sap of the rubber plant, which makes it a natural element mattress. Knowing that the number of trees is limited in the world, natural things often come at a higher price. This high price at times turns off an average user, which is why people do not prefer using natural latex mattresses.

However, something that is so natural could be very beneficial for our health. The best quality support and comfort that comes with natural latex as a bonus, makes it one of the most demanded materials in the mattress industry.

  • All natural
  • Promotes back pain relief
  • Resistant to dust mites and allergens
  • Value of money
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Air-circulation
  • Heavy-weighed

Synthetic Latex

Although latex is very supportive to sleep on, its high price will always remain a factor for many people that will make them choose something else over it. But wait, the mattress industry has the solutions for any such problems. The synthetic latex is made in the laboratory, and it is very cheap as compared to natural latex.

But again, cheaper doesn’t always mean better too. Synthetic latex can pose very real health hazards and to avoid them, people usually do not prefer buying synthetic latex. Most of the chemicals that are used to manufacture synthetic latex are very toxic and hence potentially harmful for health even when they are inside your mattress.

  • Cheaper
  • Superior properties
  • Heat resistant
  • Softer
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Not so Eco-friendly

Blended Latex

Blended latex mattresses use both the natural and the synthetic kind to give you a middle ground and an economical alternative. With the natural latex material, you can get all the benefits of a latex mattress while the synthetic part helps in reducing the price of the mattress.

This is almost a win-win situation for you if you sleep on latex mattress that is of the blended type.

  • Customers’ common choice
  • Combination of natural and synthetic materials
  • High-priced

Some of the Common Latex Mattress Complaints

Nothing is completely perfect and neither is latex. Even the best mattresses can be troublesome if you haven’t bought them according to what you actually needed. There are a lot of people who find it very comfortable and perfect to sleep on. But just like we said before, comfort is very subjective.

Something that is very comfortable for you might be very uncomfortable for a number of people out there. That is why all these common latex mattress complaints are there only for some people. Before moving towards the customer complaints of latex mattresses, let us have a look at the pros and cons of these mattresses.

What you need to do is knowing all the right ways to buy mattresses so that you will be never be at loss in making any such investment. Never be afraid to invest because the most comfortable ones are always the best priced mattresses according to their features.

The Heavyweight of the Mattress

Latex has a higher density especially when it is used in mattresses. This high density is very useful for people who are looking for motion absorption and full-body support while sleeping. But these things make the mattress very difficult to handle. The weight of latex mattress is more than normal alternatives and if that bothers you, you need to think twice before buying the mattress.

They are very Expensive

Well, trees are not as abundant as to satisfy the increasing needs of latex and this, in turn, increase the price of the mattresses made with natural latex.

People find it very relaxing to sleep on something that is 100% natural and does not have any harmful chemicals in it. However, the high price is not affordable for everyone, which creates a real problem. They look for a mattress within their range that will not empty their pockets.

Something should be done to make the natural latex easily accessible to the people, and before it is done, we have to swallow the fact that we have to pay more to sleep on a comfortable mattress that is natural and safe.

Issues with Firmness

Latex foams are made to be very supportive; this support means that an average latex mattress will be somewhere in between a medium-firm and firm. This much firmness is not comfortable for many people because they prefer plush feeling over the support of a high-density mattress.

If you are one of them with the tendency to complain about the firmness of your mattress, latex is definitely not for you. However, with little knowledge of making your mattress softer can help you overcome this issue.

The smell of Latex

One of the biggest complaints about latex mattresses is that of off-gassing. This is the phenomenon by which the chemicals that are used to make the latex start to come out and get released in the environment.

As bad as it sounds, this off-gassing could be very harmful to our health although this is a characteristic of synthetic latex. The natural latex, on the contrary, does not have this problem. It might be a little smelly in the beginning, but that smell will go away with time. That is why it is not recommended to use synthetic or blended latex mattresses.

Sleeping Temperature

A synthetic latex mattress might start hoarding in the body heat and increase the sleeping temperature. If you live in a very cold area, this won’t be much of an issue with you but for some people, this could lead to discomfort and excessive sweating too.

Very Bouncy Feeling

Everyone looks for comfort in a different way and, bounciness has become a new meaning of comfort when it comes to mattresses these days. But obviously not for everyone!

Latex mattresses give you a bouncy feel and some people do not like it at all. Most of the people who buy latex mattresses are looking for firm and supportive mattress because bounciness turns them off.


In conclusion, we believe that a latex mattress, especially when it is natural, could be very supportive for some people who have back issues. But for others, it can be hard and firm to sleep on. If you have any of the above-mentioned problems, then latex mattress is not for you.


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