So you just came back after a long hectic day which includes a big fight with your partner, dealing with your boss’ attitude, your co-workers’ jealousy, an argument with your parents and a road full of traffic?  When you were coming back home, you were probably thinking about your bed and the new mattress to sleep on

But things are tough there as well.

Unfortunately, your mattress is unable to support you and give you your much needed relaxing speech. Just like everything else, your mattress is too firm and it is giving you the same feeling and vibe which you have been getting from everyone today i.e. “You cannot count on me when you need me.”

Since you have already bought it and it is in your room, you have no other option but to figure out how to make your mattress soft. You may be curious to know about the Types Of Foams Used In Mattresses to do something about the firmness accordingly.

Let’s firstly talk about the reasons why is it so important to make your mattress soft? After answering this, we will discuss some options that will make your sleep easy by making your mattress soft.

Why is it so Important to Make Your Mattress Soft?

Mattress may be too firm or too soft. It depends on the person’s choice of how comfortable they are when they sleep on it. Side sleepers tend to need softer mattresses that don’t put too much pressure on the shoulders or hips and it’s a fact that good night sleep is very important for good health.

It also depends on the body type. The selection of the right mattress for each body type is as important as sleep. Sometimes the people with more weight need a soft mattress so their body can sink into the mattress which makes them relax. Hard mattresses usually are not that “body type friendly”.

Sometimes people who sleep on soft mattress deals with the sleeping issues when they are using a firm mattress and to be able to work with a fresh mind. So your mattress should be comfortable enough for you to have a good sleep.

So we have come up with some ways to make your mattress soft.

Some Ways to Make Your Mattress Soft

There are several mattress buying guides like this, that can help you with the choosing factors while you are up for mattress shopping. Along with that, you can also get proper information about making your firm mattresses soft. Here are some ways to solve your issue.

Rotate and Flip it

The mattress has two sides like a person. One side is too firm to handle and the other side is too soft to count on. To know the other side you have to work on it. So you are done sleeping on the firm side of the mattress and you need the soft side. FLIP IT!

Every mattress is flipable and it is a very easy way to make your mattress soft and you don’t have to buy anything for it. Just Flip it and Rotate it.

Rotate your mattress to 180 degrees so the area that supported your head, support your toes. After rotating the mattress Flip it to the top side of the mattress. It is the easiest and affordable way because you don’t have to spend a single penny on it.

Get a Mattress Topper

Mattress topper is like adding a soft pillow for your relief. Many people have been using this trick because after adding some layers of the top it gives you a good feel.

There are different types of mattress toppers available in the market that can add body relief like Memory foam, latex rubber, Thick memory foam topper, a goose down topper, or a wool topper for a soft feel.

Buying a mattress top is also an affordable and cheaper way to solve your problem and it is one of the quickest ways which make you cozy in your bed. You can also use a featherbed to make the feel of your firm mattress soft. Adding Featherbed can make a lot of difference and gives you a luxurious feel.

Step on Your Bed

Some of the Popular and Major Brands of Mattress in the USA are trying to manufacture mattresses with the right amount of softness that you need from your mattress.

If you are still unable to find one for you, then there are other ways to resolve the matter as well. You can make your firm mattress soft by stepping on it daily. To make it quicker the most suitable option is to step on it daily (without shoes) after every 20 to 30 minutes.

You can also break it by sleeping on it night after night. It helps because when you use it daily it will get soft.

Some people after doing this experiment told us that they made their children jump on their bed and it worked but be careful while doing this.

Warm It Up

There are some common mattress materials in the market like memory foam, airy polyurethane foam that can be temperature sensitive. Research says that memory foam allows your body to sink into the foam as it absorbs your body heat.

If you are dealing with the firmness of a 14-inch memory foam mattress, you can try adjusting your thermostat to warm temperature which can only be helpful in winters.

You can also use flannel sheets to adjust the heat with the mattress or you can use a blanket or a heated sheet to adjust the temperature to soften it up.

Some people also place blankets on the top of the mattress, which also helps to maintain the warm temperature and gives you a comfortable soft feel. Especially, it is more suitable for winter.

I hope the above options will help you get your good sleep back because and you will stay mentally and physically active all day long.  As life is not a bed of roses, you have to deal with a lot of issues daily with an active body,  so, why not try one of these options and make your own ‘Bed of Roses’.


If you are stuck in a bad situation and it’s too late to get your mattress replaced, above simple bits of advice can help you in making your night’s sleep great again.


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