Not satisfied by the firmness of your mattress? Is it too firm and you want to make it softer? Then your are just in the right place.

Our whole day depends upon our night’s sleep and our whole night sleep depends upon the mattress we slept on. That means our mattress matters a lot in our life. And if it isn’t according to our desire, then what was the purpose of it. We could have slept on the floor instead.

But don’t lose hope, every problem has a solution, so does this one, read my article till the end and you will know what you have to do.

In my article, I have got some easy ways that can help you make your mattress softer so you can enjoy a great comfy sleep.

Is It Your Mattress or The Foundation?

Sometimes, it isn’t your mattress fault at all. If you have recently bought a new mattress and are still using the same foundation. It might be possible that your mattress was not meant for the foundation you have.

It should be kept in mind if you have bought a memory foam mattress, then your box spring mattress that you were using for innerspring mattress won’t go well with it. It’ll feel firmer and more uncomfortable.

Similarly, a wooden platform won’t be good with your innerspring mattress.

So, make sure that your foundation is the best suite for your mattress. It is better to switch the foundation when you are switching your mattress. Sometimes they even have a discount offer if you buy the two together.

Give It Some Time to Break-in

New mattress usually feels firmer, just like the new shoes, they need some time to expand according to your need. That’s why most companies offer a 60 to 90 days free trial so that the mattress has break-in according to how you need it.

So, if you have bought a new mattress and its feeling too firmer, don’t worry, and be a little patient, don’t rush the very next day to return it. Instead, give it a little time to break in time, sleep on it and it will get softer and comfortable.

Exert Pressure by Walking on It

If your mattress has become a little older and still hasn’t changed or if you are too restless to wait for it, there is another way for you. Honestly, I’m not completely agreed with this one, but some find it really efficient.

You can walk or even jump on your mattress if you would like to. It would make your mattress softer and comfier in no time, say in almost 10 days.

But you should keep in mind that anything can happen when doing this, your bed could break or your mattress can be damaged. But if you do it a little gently, it may really help you.

Warm Up Your Room’s Temperature

Temperature has a deep relation with the firmness of your mattress. Adjusting your room temperature might help you enjoy a softer mattress.

For example, if you have a pure memory foam and the temperature of your room is cold enough, your mattress won’t be soft for you. for this, you would have to increase your room temperature a little bit.

Similarly, if you are experiencing a really soft mattress that will even sink you in, then you might like to drop a little temperature to make it firmer.
So, try this phenomenon, and if still you are not satisfied, there are more things left to try.

Buy a Mattress Topper

If nothing above helps you with the firmness of your mattress, you can give a try to the mattress topper. It is also the cheapest and the most effective way to soften a hard mattress.

Applying a supportive layer to the surface of the mattress would also help you with the pressure points and back pain.

It’s a 100 percent surety that you will get a softer mattress this time, but the only problem is that it is not permanent, and you would have to replace the topper once it loses its softness.

The best topper to add on the mattress top is the memory foam or the latex, as both provide comfort and relieve back pain.

Rotate It or Flip It

Not every mattress but some of them are made in a way that all the sides are the same. If your mattress is too firm you can try to flip it upside down, it may help you to get a softer mattress.

This technique is also efficient in making a soft mattress firmer. You can also rotate it at the angle of 180 degrees so that the side you were using for your feet would b under your head.

Move to Another Option

If neither of the above work to make your mattress softer, then you should consider moving to another option. There are a lot of softer mattress options you can go with.

Buy a new mattress, the one that is soft enough to comfort you and never forget to check it on the store before buying it.

Take Advantage of Your Warranty

You can also consult your warranty, if your mattress is new or still in its warranty, you can try claiming repairs or can get a replacement. Though most warranties don’t cover the replacement but they do cover defects.


Sleeping on a firm or uncomfortable mattress is not pleasing at all. In my opinion, one should never compromise on the quality of a mattress, because it’s true if you had a comfortable sleep at night, more fresh you will be in the morning and more able you will be to face the new day’s challenges.

So must try all the technique I have discussed above to soften your firm mattress and enjoy sleeping on it.I hope that my information would bring you benefits and fulfillment.

Sweet dreams.


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