Choosing a name for your mattress brand can be a stressful process. Your brand’s name is your first impression on the customers. The company’s name is the first thing that makes the customers walk into your store.

Choosing the best name for your mattress store needs a lot of mental effort and thinking. Some mattress selling websites uses special tricks to choose the best name for their brands.

Here are some ways that may help you to choose the right name for your store.

Name Should be Short and Simple

short and simple

First of all, your brand’s name should be kept as simple and short as possible, no matter what you are going to sell, either it is mattresses or something else. A short and simple name has a lot of advantages.

They are easier to remember, easier to pronounce and catch the eye of the people. And on the search bar, it would take seconds to type your company’s name.

It wouldn’t be hard for you to create a unique name for your company if you have a creative mind. You can make a new word that is not real or have no meaning but resembles the subject of your business.

For example Google or Skype, they don’t have any real meaning but are still popular. Or you can use a combination of two words that resemble each other, for example,” mattress matters.” Or you can also use your pet name

Your Brand’s Name Shouldn’t Resemble to Any Other

choose the unique name

your name should be unique and must not contain any resemblance to any other brand in the market, especially with you your competitor’s. do search the names of your competitor’s brands and come up with a totally different name.

Avoid using the regular names e.g. mattresses, electronics or technologies. These are the terms that everyone is using. So, avoid using similar terms, instead, think something unique and different.

But different doesn’t mean that you should name your store that doesn’t show what you are selling. The brand name should reflect your niche and the type of product you are selling.

Try Using a Foreign Word

If you can’t find anything in your native language or in English, there is also an option of choosing a word from another language just like “tilam” or “zambil” etc. it sometimes enhances the name and the readers find it interesting.

Don’t Forget to Check the Legalities


When you have finally come up with a name for your mattress brand, never forget to check for its legalities. Whether it is legal to use or not.

By legal, I meant to check whether there is any brand that is using the same name or not. Otherwise, it can lead to complications in the future that you might not want to get involved in.

Choose a Name that can be Use on Social Media Too

In the modern era, social lives and social websites are getting very popular. So, if you are running a business, no matter what type, you have to be present on social media too.

So choose the name that can be used on social media sites. That’s why it is better to choose the short and simple names that can easily be typed and search on social websites.

Don’t Use Special Characters

Avoid and if possible, never use the special characters like $, %, # or & in your brand’s name. it can cause some problems when searching on the internet for these names.

The reason is URLs use these characters to perform some special functions. Therefore, these characters are not allowed to be used in the domain names.

Instead, you can replace them with words like: and, dollar, Percent etc. However, it would be much better if you won’t use these characters as your brand’s name.


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