A mattress is something that ensures sound sleep. Sound sleep provides a healthy body and mind. It is that essential part of life which we ignore most of the time. Well, foam is a vital ingredient of every mattress. It helps distinguish between kinds of mattress, and each has its pros and cons.

Different Kinds of Foams

  1. Gel Foam
  2. Memory

Technology in Gel Foam

Viscoelastic is the basic ingredient of gel foam. That foam is infused with gel. Viscoelastic as the name shows contain elastic qualities. The gel in this mattress ensures cool sleep. Sometimes this gel is in the form of gel beads. This gel is helpful in those places where the temperature is a bit higher.

If you want to see how to gel foam fees like, then feel it through the gel ice pack. It will feel in the same way as do the gel form. As it is elastic, so need an extra layer to support and enhance life. Layers usually include bamboo and polyester. 

Gel Foam Vs Memory Foam

Memory foam is another common type of foam. The primary difference is of technology used in manufacturing each. Though both are made of viscoelastic. However, gel foam is infused with gel. Life of memory foam usually 4 to 5 years, whereas gel foam is generally of 8 to 10 years.

Gel Foam Vs Memory Foam

  • Cooling effect
  • Full body support
  • Temperature regulation
  • Pressure relief
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Costly
  • Not suitable for people with allergies

Gel foam is cooler than memory foam. If we compare the prices of both, we will find memory foam bit cheaper then gel foams. Memory foams are known to retain high, whereas gel foam is popular being cooler ones. However, in many other ways, both are similar in advantages and disadvantages.

Type of Gel Foam

As we can see gel foams are environmental friendly in many ways. So every manufacturer is giving its touch. People are experimenting with top layers. Top layers can be of bamboo, cotton, polyester, or some other.

Moreover, there are shapes or kinds of gel too. Sometimes there are gel beads. There is a thermal gel that traps body heat and leaves body cooler.

Advantages of Gel Foam

Gel form has several benefits. Gel foams are usually known for their cooling effects. The material of gel is generally meant for cooling effects. Moreover, gel foam supports the full body. It is also thought to give relief to pressure points.

Interestingly it is best for all support all sleeping positions. Moreover, it has a longer life than others. Moreover, it regulates temperature keeping the temperature under a moderate level.

It equally distributes weight, so stiffness issue resolves. Last but not least, it is made of natural material, so it is environmentally friendly. Last but not least, its long term durability is the distinguishing factor.

Disadvantages of Gel Form

Well, disadvantages are also attached to the benefits of the advantages of gel foam. People who use this complains about its limitation in firmness. Though it is relatively cheaper in the long run; however, people find it costly when paying initially. Well, gel and covers on the gel are made of different materials.

So the combination of it or separately it can cause damage to an allergic person. If gel contains chemicals of low quality, it can cause odor or spots in the long term. Chances are there that gel will breakdown in the long run that will cause degradation.

Gel Mattress Reviews 

As we told earlier that there are different kinds of gel mattresses and as well as their top layers, so each has its benefits and review.

Bamboo toped gel mattress breath well. As the name shows, it is made of natural material, so it is environment-friendly. Moreover the products worth their cost. However, it is too plush and with time, it becomes too plush.

Organic cotton cover gel mattresses are also gaining popularity with time. People who use this are content with its high quality. People reviewed its long term usage. However, there are some complaints about firmness which reduces with the passage of time.

Graphite gel memory foam is known for its support and comfortability. It is chosen because of its quality raw material and high breathability. The only drawback is lacking in edge support.

So gel foams can be helpful in many different ways, including support control. It is best for high-temperature areas. At least the foam is contributing its role. Moreover, their durability is another reason to give preferences.

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