To stay fit mentally and physically, it is important to get an 8-hour sleep. Sleep plays an important role in the proper functioning of brains. Researches have shown that an enough period of sleep helps the brain to perform better memory tasks.

Not getting enough sleep can cause a lot of health problems. Moreover, it can also affect our brain, making it slow in its processing. Sleeplessness can lead to some life-threatening diseases.

Let’s tell you what side effects sleep deprivation can cause to your health.

Sleeplessness Causes Obesity

Lack of sleep disturbs the secretion of hormones. When not getting enough sleep, the glands of our body excessively secrete the hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin causes the appetite to increase while leptin signals when the body is starving.

The secretion of both of these hormones results in excessive eating which is the main cause of obesity. In this way, sleep deprivation causes obesity.

If your mattress is not helping you get a proper sleep due to your overweight, you should try Saatva innerspring mattress. It will prove to be very beneficial for you in getting a healthy sleep.

It Can Make You Diabetic

As I have already told you, sleep deprivation disturbs the secretion of hormones. Sleep deprivation increases the production of cristol, a hormone that makes cells more resistant to insulin.

Lack of sleep can also stimulate the production of many more hormones like thyroid-stimulating hormone (THS) and Testosterone which decreases insulin production.

Cause of Cardiovascular Problems

Getting enough sleep will keep away heart diseases from you. The people who get an 8-hour sleep every day are less likely to develop heart problems as compared to those who don’t sleep a wink.

It is not very clear yet that how less sleep can affect your heart but it has been proved that obesity and diabetes are the leading causes of heart problems. So, indirectly not having enough hours of sleep can be harming your heart.

While sleeping, our blood pressure goes down because of certain chemicals. When we are not getting enough sleep, our blood pressure becomes high and the heart rate increases. This increases the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases.

To prevent heart problems, try to sleep on your side position. Your sleeping position can also help you sleep better. Especially for preventing heart diseases, sleep on the left side as it will increase the circulation of blood to your heart.

Your mattress also matters if you are a heart patient. Heart patients should use a memory foam mattress to relieve pressure points and for good circulation of blood.

You Have a Chance of Getting into Suicidal Thoughts

Sleep deprivation can result in depression. If left unchecked, it can lead to severe conditions. Depression due to lack of sleep starts with anger, anxiety, negative thoughts and when it is on its peak, it can also get a person to think about suicide. Yes, it can cause suicidal thoughts, but it generally depends on person to person.

When a person is restless, he may think that there is no way of escaping from his depressing condition except ending his life. The most important thing is to always check for the symptoms of depression. Sleeping enough can prevent restlessness and helps in generating positive thoughts.

It Can Cause Hallucination

Staying awake for long can affect your brain in different ways. There is a chance of getting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and hallucination. You are more likely to hallucinate if you haven’t taken a nap for 72 hours.

At first, you will have visual hallucinations, in which you will see things that are not present. After that it will reach at a point it will make you hear sounds that are not there. You will smell and taste things that are not real.

In order to prevent sleep deprivation, you must avoid taking caffeine in the evening. Try not to eat anything heavy before going to bed. Avoid smoking and drinking regularly. Lookout for the best mattress according to your sleeping positions.

Side and back sleepers should use a soft or medium-firm mattress like a memory foam or latex. A firm mattress is best for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers should try purple hybrid.


Sleep is not just a luxury; In fact, it is a necessity. Healthy sleep can prevent us from having many harmful diseases. Getting 8 hours of sleep can prevent heart problems.

There is a less chance of getting diabetic and having brain problems like depression, anxiety, mania, migraine and hallucination by sleeping enough. A person who has less sleep or doesn’t sleep at all for hours is more likely to get all the above mentioned diseases.

With getting proper sleep, eating healthy and pampering yourself in different ways can help you in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Understand your sleeping position if you wake up tired even after sleeping for proper hours. Also, getting the right mattress is the key.


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