Everyone needs and deserves a comfortable good night sleep after a long and hectic day. You should understand that sleeping with all the proper essentials is necessary to pamper yourself by sleeping with a pillow under your head. When you sleep without a pillow, there can be minor to major level consequences that you will have to face.

Renowned sleep experts and chiropractic doctors have suggested that one must sleep with a pillow as it is the best way to balance the posture and release all the stress and tiredness from the body while you sleep.

Why You Should Sleep With A Pillow

Many people have this question about the importance of sleeping with a pillow. A pillow is a must-have, especially if you are sleeping. Sleeping on a latex mattress or a memory foam mattress will make you sink inside while a pillow will help you maintain your body weight on the surface of the mattress.

Other than that, you can have a better blood circulation, uninterrupted sleep, and better mornings. Your sleeping cycle plays an important role in your performance and productivity all day. Sleeping with a pillow lessens down the stress and makes you ready to work more efficiently every morning.

Disadvantages Of Sleeping Without APillow

If you are thinking that sleeping without a pillow will make things any better for you, then you are highly wrong. According to many doctors, sleeping without a pillow is one of the major causes of worsening your current medical conditions. Following are some of the major disadvantages of sleeping without a pillow:

Neck And Back Pain

You are at risk of developing a serious back pain if you keep on sleeping without a pillow. Your neck and back need a posture that can keep them aligned properly. If you think that sleeping straight without any neck and back support will make your pains go away, it is not the case.

Your head should be in a slightly uplifted position to support the neck so that your spine will also be aligned properly. Sleeping without a pillow will only induce more pain than comfort.

Head Deformation In Infants

The skull bones of a baby are soft and have elasticity because they still need to form a permanent shape of the head. However, if your baby is sleeping without a pillow, then there are chances of developing a deformed head shape.

You probably don’t want your little one to curse you all his life for not letting him sleep with a pillow. This is one of the major reasons why doctors advise new parents to always keep a round pillow under the head of the baby to form a perfect skull shape.

Sleeping Disorders

There are different types of sleeping disorders that you can suffer from if you sleep without a pillow. Because you will be continuously disturbed, you will fail to maintain an uninterrupted sleep cycle, what happens is that your mind becomes used to sleeplessness and you start to lack sleep. Sleep apnea, OSA, or delayed sleep phase are the most common sleeping disorders people face who do not use a pillow while sleeping.

Increased Risk Of Spinal Issues

If you are already suffering from a disc dislocation or severe spinal issue, then you must use a pillow. Sleeping with a pillow gives you the right level of firmness and support while sleeping without a pillow will increase the issue to worsen.

Cerebral Blood Circulation Disorders

The people who sleep without a pillow are more likely to suffer from constant headaches or even migraines. The reason for this is that the blood circulation to the vertebral arteries deteriorates. It makes it difficult for the blood to flow towards your head as it is supposed to. 


Snoring is no doubt an issue not only for the one snoring but also for the person sleeping next. If you are tired of your partner’s snoring habit, just slide down a pillow under their head and let it do its work. When you sleep straight on your back your tongue retracts, which becomes a cause of snoring.

This article is basically to provide you beneficial information so that you will be more concerned about your actions. Follow the right sleeping pattern, sleeping positions, and selecting the right mattress and pillows for a better sleeping experience.

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