Have you ever thought that the memory foam is advertised as too good to be true? Well people all over the US are in love with the memory foam mattresses, but no one will tell you about the disadvantages you will have to face when you buy a memory foam mattress.

In this article, we will inform you about all the potential disadvantages of a memory foam mattress that you never knew before. It is undeniable that memory foam has its own advantages as well, but you must be aware of its disadvantages to make right decision while buying the best mattress.

Considering both sides of a product is better so that you will be ready for what you are going to get, and what is to come. If you have made up your mind to buy a memory foam mattress, then think again and read out this article to know more about the drawbacks as well.

What Is Memory Foam?

Back in the 1960s, memory foam was used for the first time in the seats of NASA’s airplanes. The substance used in the making of the memory foam is viscoelastic, which is why it is often called viscoelastic foam. The memory foam was designed to be soft, comfortable, and energy absorbent so that it could balance the weight of astronauts in zero-gravity.

It can mold according to the body shape, and return to its original form once the pressure normalizes. Memory foam became so popular in its debut days because it was used in NASA’s virgin flight. 

Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress

Below mentioned are some of the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress that are based on real-life customer experience.

Chemical Smell

The first and most important issue that most of the customers face just when this mattress arrives, is the nasty smell. The chemical used for the packing of memory foam mattress makes it smell strangely that is highly resisted by its users.

This smell stays for long, and you can only eliminate if by off-gassing. According to the Sleep Products Safety Council, you should leave the mattress for airing for at least 24 hours after you unpack it.

Heat Sensitive

If you are someone who hates summers already, this mattress is not for you at all as it is heat sensitive. As compared to the gel mattresses, the memory foam mattresses cannot resist heat due to the plush foamy material inside. If you are living in a tropical state, then the mattress will become hotter and you are going to sweat even more.

Quite Heavy For A Single Person To Lift

You definitely don’t want to break your back and get out of breath while lifting this mattress because this one is extremely heavy. You simply cannot lift it all by yourself. If you live alone, you will need an extra hand to hire for this job. Moreover, don’t buy this one if your lifestyle involves continuous moving and shifting.

Can Be Expensive

No doubt that buying from a physical retail store always seems to be a nice idea. However, it is going to cost you more than buying a mattress online. If you buy from a company outlet of memory foam, they will charge you as if you are going to pay for their store bills as well.

Not Water-Resistant

The worse that can happen is that you buy a new and expensive memory foam and that little devil of yours spills his juice over it. This type of mattress is not by any chance water-resistant. Because it is a complete foam mattress, it absorbs the wetness to the lowest layer of foam.

Once it gets wet, it is almost impossible to dry. Make sure that you buy a mattress protector as well because bad times are like uninformed guests. They don’t give you a call before coming!

Difficult To Get Out Of Bed

Note it down somewhere and remember when we tell you that once you are in this bed, there is no way you will reach to work on time the next morning. This mattress makes it hard for you to get out of the bed because your body just sinks inside. Unlike an innerspring mattress, you will not have the liberty to bounce up out of the bed.

It is better to buy the best than being sorry later on. No mattress is perfect because the needs and preferences will vary from person to person. The above-mentioned disadvantages might not be a drawback of the memory foam of one person and will be serious issues for another. So, look for what your preferences are, and choose wisely.

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