Buying a mattress is one of the most stressful tasks that you would come across and a crucial one as well. Not many people are experts in this field and buying a mattress becomes a very difficult task for them. With the right mattress buying guide, you can turn this difficult task into an easy one.

But is there a 101 guide that explains the best way to buy a mattress?

Well, there are a lot of them but we will give you the simplest tricks that can make a huge influence on your decision. Here you go!

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Do A Thorough Research

If you do not have sufficient knowledge about mattresses, it is a great idea to look it up on the internet. There is a plethora of online information that can help you understand the science behind how a mattress works. A good understanding of its working will help you a lot in making an informed decision.

The second important part of the research is to look for a review of the people. These days the internet has given people the power to share their good and bad experiences and you should always benefit from those experiences. There are a number of online forums where you can find valuable reviews about certain brands and decide what you want.

Decide How Firm Your Mattress Should Be

This is something very crucial and you should be very clear about it before you dive into the buying process. If you are used to sleeping on a plush or a firm mattress, this will decide your choice to a large extent.

You should try different types of mattresses, maybe sleep at a friend’s place and decide for yourself which mattress makes you wake up fresh and stress-free.

A clear idea about the firmness of your mattress will narrow down your choices easily. This is definitely the best way to buy a mattress as it can reduce the amount of effort that you would have to make.

Analyze How Much Space Do You Have?

Before you buy a bed or a mattress, always measure the space available with a measuring tape. No matter how much you trust your instincts, never leave such an important thing on instincts. Nothing is more stressful than buying a mattress and later on realizing that you have bought a larger mattress than space.

Then you will either have to uncomfortably adjust the mattress or go through the whole struggle once again. Always be sure, this way you can avoid a great deal of trouble.

Find A Good Store That You Can Trust

There are a lot of mattress retailers out there and you cannot trust all of them. The best way to buy a mattress is to find a trustworthy retailer and this is not done overnight. You have to ask people from your locale about their experience.

You can also read about the reviews and guides on the internet about deciding if a retailer is good or bad. As a general rule, you will know when a shopkeeper is being honest with you when they are talking. But never miss out taking advantage of the review.

Test Your Mattress Yourself

When you go to a shop, tell the shopkeeper about what you are looking for. Once you have your options, do not hesitate to lay down on them and decide what feels better. Test them for at least 1 to 2 minutes and not just completely believe what their tag says.

If you want a soft mattress you cannot just buy the one that says ultra-plush until you try it for yourself. Here again, you should know comfort is subjective.

Ask Important Questions

The most important question while buying a mattress is about the warranty of its durability. There are many companies who would claim that they have the best mattress that lasts a lifetime, but most of the times they are all just claims. Ask your shopkeeper if the brand gives a real warranty or not.

You also have to understand different types of guarantees, if a mattress won’t lose its shape in 10 years doesn’t mean that it will stay comfortable too. Make sure you have a comfort guarantee before buying any mattress.

Negotiate The Price

Not all of us are bougie enough to buy a mattress right away without being bothered by the price. Yes, they are super expensive but surprisingly there is a large room for negotiation too even on moderate priced mattresses. It depends upon the shop from where you are buying the mattress, but you should always try to negotiate the prices before paying.

Also, ask the sales representative about any potential discounts coming in the near future. You don’t want to miss out on an amazing deal just because you visited a couple of weeks before the sale. The sales associate, however, knows when a deal is coming up. Never hesitate to ask.

Take a trial run

Most of the good mattress manufacturers will give you a 100 night full refund trial period. And a smart person will always avail the opportunity.

Decide for yourself whether or not a mattress is working for you. If there is even the slightest discomfort, you should return and find a new better one until you find the one that suits you the most. It does take time but all this time really is worth the effort.

Final Thoughts

Most people think that if they are buying a mattress they somehow have to make a compromise on whatever they get. They will buy a mattress and then spend years with uncomfortable sleep.

Many people at times adjust with the discomfort and this is when their bad sleep starts disrupting their day to day activities.

Take your time, think a lot before you decide and make sure that you have considered all your options. Another important tip is to never buy a mattress in a hurry. You will know long before your old mattress becomes completely useless.

Make sure you spend some days researching and decide and not buy anything right away. Smart choices always take some time.


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