The biggest problem in most of the teenagers nowadays is their posture.

Anyone you lay eye on would be holding a big hump on his back. Most teenagers don’t know that hump can cause a great problem for them in the future.

According to recent studies, this hump disorder can cause obesity, acne problems, chronic pain and irregular menstrual cycle.We all know that this hump is due to irregular curves in our spine.

But do you have any idea what is the causes of these unnatural curves in our spine? You won’t imagine it. It is our sleeping positions. Yes, our sleeping position is the biggest cause of our ruined postures.

It might be possible that there would be other things related to our irregular posture, but still sleeping position is a major thing that causes a lot of problems.

So, to get rid of this problem and to improve the posture of your body, you would have to switch your sleeping position. It is not that easy to suddenly make changes to your sleeping position, but you can start it gradually.

Below I am discussing some positions and detailed guide on sleeping that will be great for you and might help you with your hump and posture problems, so, must read this article till the end so, you can get complete benefit.

Best Position to Sleep In

sleeping in back position

The best sleeping position is the back position in which you lay straight on the bed with your back touching the surface of the bed. This position s best because it helps keep your spine rest in its natural alignment and prevent any irregular curves to develop.

Your lots of problems are solved with this position like back pain, neck pain and hips pain are gone with it. Back position also has its two divisions in which the one that is called soldier position is much better than the starfish position.

This is Because in starfish position your arms are stretched near to your head that can make your shoulders hurt while in soldier position your arms are resting on your sides that is safe for your shoulders.

However, both the positions keep the spine in its natural curve so you can choose any of the above. The only problem with the back position is that it makes you snore a lot. But it’s a really small problem as compared to the one you are facing.

Moderate Position to Sleep In

sleeping in side position

Not as best as the first one, but it is still good and also easier than the above, because many people find it difficult to sleep on their backs. Inside position, you lay on the bed in a way that one side of your body touches the bed’s surface.

Side position helps you to keep your spine in its natural position and improves blood circulation. Apart from improving your posture, it also helps you with acid reflux, heartburn, sagging, and wrinkles.

The only problem you would have to face inside the position will be a little ache in the arms only in the case if it comes under your body pressure. Other than that, everything is fine.

Just like the back-position side position is also divided into three parts, the first two, the Log and the Yearner are fine as they don’t cause any problem, but the last one that you should never sleep in is the fetus position.

The reason is, in this position your head and knees are bent inside resulting in the irregular curves in your spine. So, try avoiding this position if possible.

The worst Position to Sleep In

sleeping in belly position

Above mentioned positions were the one to help you with your posture except the last one I discussed.

But now when you have known the best positions for your posture, you should also know the position that can be really dangerous for you. Belly position also known as the free faller is the most harmful position for your posture.

It flattens the natural curves of your spine resulting in humpback, back pain, sleep apnea, and acid reflux. It also causes chronic neck pain due to the twisted neck to the side.


Good posture and sleeping disorder is important for everyone whether its teenagers, children or adults. A good posture has its uncountable benefits. The very first one is, of course, our appearance, it makes us look great.

But it impacts our health more significantly. A good posture means less fatigue, fewer muscle cramps, more energy, and an aligned spine. So, to improve our posture, we have to improve the thing on which it depends the most.

Switch your sleeping position, I know its really hard, but nothing is impossible, so must try to sleep in a sleeping position that is more reliable, and don’t ever sleep in the wrong way, otherwise, you’ll have to face the results in future.

So, stay fit and sleep well.


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