Buying a mattress for kids is not as easy as it may seem, because you have to keep a lot of factors in mind.

Their comfort is important but so is their health. Above all, if you are investing in something, you’ll want the best organic twin size mattress for your kid.

The durability of your mattress matters a lot along with other things like its material and its feel.

To make this work easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the best mattresses for your kids. They will surely love them and these mattresses are good for their health as well.

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10 Best Organic Twin Size Mattresses | A Review

This list has the best quality mattresses all of which are free from any toxins and are made with different types of natural materials. Take a look and then find what is most suitable for you according to your needs and budget.

1. Sleepinc 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepinc has managed to establish its authenticity as a company throughout the years of its working in the mattress industry.

Their 8-inch memory foam mattress is surely the best organic twin size mattress for kids because it keeps their body aligned and help their growing bodies to breathe when they are sleeping.

Sleepinc 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The best and the most obvious feature of this mattress is that it is free from any harmful materials and is fully organic. It is hypoallergenic that is the best thing if your kid is allergic to artificial stuff and chemicals.

Key Features

  1. It has a gel infused upper surface that manages temperature and keeps your child’s body cool. It prevents sweating and sleep interruption that happens due to high temperature.
  2. It is CertiPUR certified and free from any harmful chemicals.
  3. It is a hypoallergenic mattress that prevents asthma and other allergic reactions in your kids.
  4. Its pressure relieving surface will suck away all the tiredness of your little one and they will wake up fresh every morning.
  5. It comes with a guarantee and a warranty.

It will keep your child safe from any allergies or asthma. This mattress will help your child’s growth and well-being and give them a peaceful sleep at night.

2. Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 10-Inch Firm Mattress

It is an amazing organic mattress that is super comfortable for your children. It has a bouncy feel which is perfect especially for growing children who use a mattress not just for sleeping but also for playing and jumping.

Oliver Smith Organic Cotton 10-Inch Firm Mattress

The strength of this mattress due to pocket spring technology is going to help your child jump without any tension.

Key Features

  1. It has a 100 percent natural organic cotton cover that enhances your child’s health.
  2. This mattress has a state of the art ventilation system that keeps the sleeping temperature low giving your child a healthy sleep at night.
  3. Independently packaged 15 gauge pocket springs that give a perfect bounce that your kid would love.
  4. This foam is 100 percent certified by green foam. No more toxins to mess with the health of your little one.
  5. It has a lower price as compared to similar mattresses offered by bug brands.

The organic materials used for its construction are going to help you prevent your child from any unwanted exposure to toxins. Let your child live a happy life with a happy sleep with Oliver smith’s organic cotton mattress.

3. Early Bird 10-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

Who said that kids do not need good support when they are sleeping? Many parents think that a child has a flexible body and the wrong type of mattress might not affect them as compared to an adult.

Early Bird 10-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

To some extent, this might be true but many people forget that kids have growing bodies and they need good support for proper and growth.

Key Features

  1. Hybrid technology with an upper layer having cooling gel embedded ventilation system.
  2. The inside is made with innerspring that gives ultimate support and comfort to your child.
  3. It is CertiPUR certified and 100% eco-friendly material that is organic and harmless for your children.
  4. It is perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers, so your kids can sleep freely just the way they live freely.

This amazing mattress is eco-friendly and made with the best quality organic materials. It is surely the best organic twin size mattress for kids with hybrid technology at play.

The springs will provide perfect support to the growing bodies of your children and memory foam will give them excellent comfort. This makes an ideal choice for a mattress for your kids.

4. Ecos Living 6-Inch Multi-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

Give your children an experience that will change the way they function throughout the day.

Ecos Living 6-Inch Multi-Layer Memory Foam Mattress

Ecos living six-inch multi-layer memory foam mattress is made using the latest technology that provides the best support and most peaceful sleep ever to your child.

Key Features

  1. Multi layered foam with a memory foam layer on the outside and high density foam on the inside makes it a complete comfortable package.
  2. 2.5 inch Convoluted Layer structure provides better ventilation and disperses body pressure.
  3. 2.5 inch HD foam supports your child’s back-bone preventing any fatigue in the morning and giving them a perfect night sleep.
  4. Best in class Poly Jacquard cover protects and keeps the mattress clean which is a blessing if you want to buy a mattress for kids.

Above all, this mattress is made up of organic and eco-friendly materials. Using Ecos mattress can prevent a lot of illnesses in your children and you can be completely sure of their health and comfort all in one.

5. Sleepanda 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress with Hybrid Innerspring

You always want to give your child the love and support that they need in their life. Why miss out the same elements from a mattress that they sleep on.

Sleepanda gives you an ultimate sleeping experience that will make your little ones wake up fresh and healthy.

Sleepanda 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress with Hybrid Innerspring

Being the best organic twin sized mattress for kids, Sleepanda’s 8-inch mattress will prevent your kids from any allergic reaction. This also repels bed bugs and other harmful contaminants that maybe present inside your bed.

Key Features

  1. The interior of the traditional innerspring mattress is combined with the latest memory foam exterior to give out the best comfort anyone could wish for.
  2. Specially designed for kid’s room and guest room.
  3. The innerspring bed provides a cooling effect and cushioning to make your kid’s sleep a lot better than what he already gets.
  4. A comfortable latex layer will suck away all the tiredness from their body and help them wake up fresh every morning.
  5. A cozy cover completes the look of this mattress that speaks for comfort and elegance.

The high technology used to manufacture this bed keeps it fresh and ventilated all the time, maintaining body temperature and giving them a sleep that will help them be more active and happy.

6. Customize Bed 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover

This mattress is indeed a heaven for people looking out for cheaper alternatives for their kid’s room. Everyone needs the best for his child but spending a lot of money on things that they do not need is not smart either.

Customize Bed 6-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover

Growing kids do need support but they do not necessarily need special mattresses designed to reduce back pain. And this one is exactly what you should be looking for.

Key Features

  1. Gives complete body support for a perfect sleeping experience.
  2. Made with the finest materials that are patented by the company.
  3. The gel is ground and mixed into the foam enhancing its qualities and giving your children a fresh sleeping experience and keeps their body temperature down.
  4. This foam is resistant to dust, mites and is naturally antimicrobial preventing any harmful allergens from collecting inside the mattress.
  5. Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  6. It comes with a 5 years warranty.

It is a long-lasting investment with 5 years warranty. It is naturally anti-microbial and keeps away fungus and molds.

It also prevents dust and bed bugs from infecting your kid’s mattress giving you complete satisfaction about your little one’s well-being.

7. Sleepalace 10-Inch Latex Hybrid Pocket Coil Spring mattress

This mattress from Sleepalace is every parent’s dream. It is completely natural and is made from the highest quality pure latex.

Sleepalace 10-Inch Latex Hybrid Pocket Coil Spring mattress

This natural latex is obtained from special Thailand rubber tree’s sap which gives your kids the most comfortable sleep they can ever have.

Key Features

  1. Four layer comfort technology that gives this mattress an ultra-supportive feel ensuring a comfortable sleep.
  2. 100 percent natural latex is used to make the upper layer of this mattress. It is obtained from natural sap of Thailand rubber trees.
  3. Latex helps in maintaining body temperature while your kid sleeps and makes this the best organic twin size mattress for your kids.
  4. Great quality motion isolation due to individually wrapped steel coils that gives a little bouncy feel along with pressure releasing support.
  5. No usual smell of latex, even if there is some, it goes away within a few days.

It keeps away all the harmful chemicals from the growing body of your child this mattress literally breathes and helps your child’s body to breathe too. If you can afford the price, there is nothing better than pure organic materials for your kid. 

8. American Mattress Company 6″ Graphite Infused Memory Foam Mattress

In the boom of technological advancements, American Mattress Company is giving you a chance to make your child sleep on memory foam infused with charcoal that is perfect for kids and adults equally.

American Mattress Company 6" Graphite Infused Memory Foam Mattress

This twin sized mattress is made with natural, organic and harmless products preventing any harmful consequences that other synthetic mattresses usually produce.

Key Features

  1. This mattress is originally made in America. All of the products are 100% made in the USA which gives you a chance to buy something made in your own land and help your national industry.
  2. All the foams used by American Mattress Company are CertiPUR-US certified ensuring their attention to the details of their product.
  3. 6″ height perfect for bunks, day beds, trundles, campers, etc.
  4. Graphite gel infused foam provides superior thermal conductivity for a cooler sleep at night.
  5. This mattress does not use any fiberglass or any other harmful or toxic chemical just like all other products of American Mattress Company.

The graphite gel gives thermal conductivity that keeps the mattress breathing and helps your child to sleep and grow properly. All the foams used by American Mattress Company are CertiPUR certified and made in the USA.

9. Dikapa Twin Size 8-Inch Latex Mattress

There are so many reasons of why this mattress is a complete winner but to start with, this is made of pure and natural materials.

Dikapa Twin Size 8-Inch Latex Mattress

Natural latex is obtained from the sap of Thailand rubber trees which is not harmful to the health of your kids and gives maximum support to the body. It also keeps your mattress fresh throughout its usage.

Key Features

  1. This mattress has layers of different foams including an outer layer of memory foam, side layer of high density foam and a 2-inch layer of latex foam.
  2. The latex used to make this mattress is 100 percent natural, obtained from the sap of rubber trees in Thailand.
  3. It gives you the pleasure of sleeping on all sides; front, back and stomach. This is perfect for kids because they keep on changing their sleeping position.
  4. Shock absorbance and resilience due to individually packed springs that make the interior of this mattress very strong and comfortable.

This mattress suits kids the most because it is for all kinds of sleepers. It might be a little too stiff for some kids but this can give their body support.

Align their spine which is amazing for growing kids because their bodies grow when they sleep. Keeping in mind how important a good sleep is, Dikapa’s hybrid mattress makes it to this list.

10. CozyPlayer 100% Natural Latex 10-inch hybrid Twin Size Mattress

Keeping the backbone aligned can help a child grow properly and be more active in the morning. This mattress provides great support which is why it is given a five star rating on Amazon.

CozyPlayer 100% Natural Latex 10-inch hybrid Twin Size Mattress

This mattress can suck away all the stress and tiredness from your little one’s body giving them a peaceful sleep and giving you peace of mind.

Key Features

  1. Made with 100% pure natural latex with a covering of premium soft knitted fabric that gives super ventilation. This mattress also gives a very comfortable feel.
  2. It has 180 mm gauge pocket springs with 6 turns coil system that delivers outstanding support and comfort
  3. This mattress is vacuum packed and rolled in a box for shipping which makes it easier to carry around.
  4. Perfect for all types of sleepers and all kinds of sleeping positions.
  5. It comes with a reliable warranty for its durability and comfort.

Natural and pure materials used for manufacturing this mattress make it a perfect option, especially for kids. They can sleep on this mattress in all the sleeping positions without having to worry at all.

At times kids might not like the firm feel of a mattress but when they can jump on their mattress and play on it too, sleeping on it would not be a problem for them.

How to Choose the Best Organic Twin Size Mattress for Kids?

Buying a mattress for kids is really a tough task. You are not sure what they would like and what would be good for them. Although organic options seem very attractive to parents.

Mostly they are not very plush and kids might feel a little tired up if their mattress is not plush enough. To help you out with choosing the best organic twin size mattress for kids, we will help you out with some key things to keep in mind.

First of all, analyze the needs of your child. Not every child is same and most of them have completely different requirements.

There are some very active children who love to jump on their bed if you will give them a pure latex mattress they will get bored of it very soon. The worst could be that they can injure themselves or harm the mattress.

For the hard-working kids, a mattress should be someplace where they can simply lay down and relieve all their stress. For such kids we would recommend using a mattress with memory foam outer layer and a supportive inner layer.

A gel infused mattress would be great for such kids too as it maintains sleep temperature and prevents sweating or heating up while sleeping so that the child does not get interrupted in his sleep.

The last thing to consider is the number of kids you have and what type of relationship they share with each other.

Yes, it does sound irrelevant but at times one active child can disrupt the sleep of the other by moving a lot at night, especially if they share beds.

Many of the pocket spring mattresses solve this issue by stopping motion transfer and let one kid sleep peacefully while the other moves.

Keep all these factors in mind, take your kid with you if you can when you go out to buy a mattress and let them decide too.

This will give you an idea, after that all you have to do is to get the best quality organic material in a mattress and this is easier when you have all these choices at hand. 


In conclusion, an organic mattress can be very beneficial for healthy growth and a good sleep for your child.

It can keep all the allergens away from your children and prevent them from the adverse effects of harmful chemicals in synthetic mattresses. Here’s our list for you take a look and decide for yourself what you want for your child.

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