Mattress is the most important thing on which your sleep depends on. Mattress is the one who decides whether your tomorrow will be fresh and gleeful or groggy and muddled. When it comes to shopping for a mattress, it becomes really confusing. There is such a large range. It becomes difficult to decide which one is best.

Let me help you make your decision. Discussed below are the mattresses that have become the love of their users. These are the mattresses that have been on the top of the list this whole year.

1. Amerisleep

If you want a luxurious sleep like in a five-star hotel but at an affordable price, I recommend this Amirsleep mattress. This is one of the most selling mattress brands.

Amerisleep Mattress

Whether its memory foam or innerspring or any other type you want. Amerisleep will guarantee you a restful and healthy sleep due to its unique construction.

Amerisleep offers only memory foams and does not include hybrids or others. Here are the features that amerisleep mattresses have in common:


The covers of amerisleep mattresses are made of celliant fabric that contains 13 minerals that will regulate your body temperature leaving a cooler effect that will give you a good night sleep.


The company has used eco-friendly and toxic-free materials in its product to give you a secure and healthy sleep.

The petroleum in the foam has been replaced with the plant-based materials during the process of VPF so that you and your environment would be much safer.


This mattress has three layers of different foams.

Bio Pur Layer

The first one is Bio Pur, memory foam made up of plant-based materials. Its open-cell structure will react to your body heat and weight and mold according to your body and will help relieve pressure.

The thing that makes it different from the other memory foam is that it keeps you cool. It is much more responsive as it will retain its shape in 4 seconds just after you have changed your position.

Hive Layer

The second layer is a zone support system called HIVE technology. This layer is to keep your spine naturally aligned. The firmness of this layer depends upon the parts of your body.

The soft zones of this layer are on your shoulders and hips to allow more compression and to relieve pressure points. The firm zones are on the torso, neck, and feet to align your spine.

Bio Care Layer

The last layer is of poly foam called Bio Care that gives support and shape and prevents disease and odor.

The Amerisleep mattress is for all types of sleepers. Almost everyone can enjoy this mattress. But this mattress is best for the back sleepers.


The Amerisleep company gives a free 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.


The amerisleep has five models of memory foam quite similar to each other (AS1, AS2, AS3, AS3, AS4, AS5).

2. Casper

Casper is one of the beds in the box industry. All Casper mattresses offer a deep and convenient sleep. Casper Industry brings out Foam mattresses and Hybrid mattresses.

Casper Mattress

Casper Foam Mattresses

The cover of Casper Is a mixture of polyester. The Casper mattresses are composed of four layers of foam.

Open Cell Foam Layer

The first layer is of an open-cell foam. It makes the mattress more flexible and softer. This layer of open-cell foam offers a breathable and sweat-free sleep.

Memory Foam

The second layer is of a memory foam. This layer makes the mattress more comfortable to sleep. Because the memory foam will absorb all the energy and will respond to your body heat and mold itself according to your body weight. Once you will change your position, it will come back to its original shape, without you being stuck in it.

Zone Support Foam Layer

The third layer is of zoned support foam. This layer will be firm at your neck, torso, and feet. Due to this your spine will be kept in its natural alignment. While the layer will be soft at shoulders and hips so that you will be offered more compression.

Core Support Foam Layer

The fourth and the last layer is composed of a solid core support foam. The function of this foam is to give support and more comfort to the sleeper’s body by reducing the distance between the sleeper and the foam. It also prevents disease and controls odor.

Casper Hybrid Mattresses

The Casper hybrid mattress is a mixture of foam and pocketed coils. This mattress provides more comfort than the foam mattress to the heavy sleepers.

This mattress also has 4 layers which become 5 by including the thick cover which is a blend of polyester.

Open Cell Foam Layer

The first layer is of open-cell foam, just like the above to make the mattress more breathable, flexible, and softer.

Memory Foam Layer

The second layer is again the memory foam. It will use your body heat to mold to your shape for great comfort.

Poly Foam Layer

The third layer is of polyfoam that will be firmer at the neck, feet, and torso and soft at the shoulders to align your spine.

Pocketed Coils Layer

The last layer and base are of pocketed coil that gives support and act as a structure to the above foams. It boosts up and gives bounciness to the sleepers and also offers more comfort.


The mattress comes with the 100 nights free trial and a 10-year warranty.

3. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is not a perfect mattress. Nor it offers luxurious sleep like the others mention has no extraordinary things. But still, it is counted in the top mattresses. The reason is, it is something you can’t find in such a little price. You can’t get the quality T&N provides you with a very little price, from anywhere.

Tuft & Needle Mattress

If you are low on budget but want a good quality mattress that offers comfort, then you won’t find anything good as Tuft & Needle.

The mattress consists of two layers:

Comfort Layer

the first layer is 3 inches tall. The layer is breathable and responsive. You can easily get out of bed. It is completely comfortable for good night sleep.

Poly Foam Base Layer

The base layer is 7 inches tall and is made up of a firm poly-foam to maintain the shape and support of the mattress.

The mattress cover is made up of polyester and has a zipper so, it can be removed and wash easily. But it is advised not to remove it often.


The Tuft & Needle offers 100 nights of sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

This mattress is best for side sleepers.

4. Saatva

Are you looking for a comfortable and luxurious sleep on a high-quality mattress but with an affordable price? then saatva is the best option for you. Saatva is well known for using eco-friendly and toxic-free materials in the manufacturing of its mattresses. All the saatva mattresses are manufactured in the USA.

Saatva Mattress

Saatva also manufactures its memory foam mattresses but it is best known for its innerspring mattresses. These mattresses offer a comfortable sleep to its users due to its unique manufacture.


The cover of Saatva mattress is made up of cotton and hypoallergenic fibers that are suitable for allergic people. The cover top is soft to touch and comfortable. The cover is non-removable and can only be spot clean.

Eco Friendly

The saatva uses toxic-free and eco-friendly materials for manufacturing its mattresses. It uses Certi-PUR foam and recycled steel for its coils.


This innerspring mattress consists of five layers for different functions:

Pillow Top

The first layer is of 1.25 inches that is stitched under the cover to provide comfort and for pressure relieve.

Memory Foam

The second layer is of memory foam so that the mattress would be molded according to your body shape by reacting to your body heat and weight. The memory foam will help to relieve your pressure and prevent pressure sore.

Comfort Coils

The third layer is of 884 individually wrapped 4 inches tall comfort coils that are used for the motion isolation that means you won’t be disturbed if your partner will toss at night or wake up frequently.

Another function of these coils is that the contour the sleeper’s body resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

Support Coils

Below the comfort coils is the layer of 7 inches tall 416 unwrapped support coils that are to provide support to the upper coils and to maintain the shape of the bed.

Edge Support Foam

At the base and on the edges, there is a thick and firm foam, placed to give support to the edges so that the mattress would not sag and there will be less chance of falling down.

This mattress can be used by combo sleepers but is best for back sleepers.


The saatva offers its customers a 120 nights free trial in their own home and a 15 years warranty, which is a quite long time period.

5. Bear

Are you a stomach sleeper? And you find difficulty sleeping on any ordinary mattress? Then I will recommend you the bear mattress. As it is helpful for stomach sleepers and athletes to get a healthier sleep.

Bear Mattress

This mattress keeps your spine naturally aligned due to its firmness. Let’s have a look at its main features

Celliant Cover

Just like Amerisleep mattresses, the cover of bear mattress is made up of Celliant Fabric containing 13 Thermo-reactive minerals that will regulate the temperature of your body and blood circulation. It will change your body heat into infrared energy which will be returned back through your skin.


The bear mattress is ten inches tall consisting of three layers of foam to help you sleep better:

Graphite-infused Memory Foam Layer

The first layer of bear mattress is of graphite infused memory foam approximately 1.5 inches tall that molds the mattress according to your shape with the help of your body heat and weight. The graphite helps to regulate the temperature of your body so you can have a healthier sleep.

Transition Foam Layer

To relieve extra pressure the next 2 inches tall layer of the bear mattress is made up of transition foam. The transition foam provides extra support to the above memory foam for the heavy sleeper.

It is designed to be bouncy and responsive so that the mattress will regain its original shape after a few seconds you changed your position. Due to its bounciness, it offers a more comfortable sleep at night.

The transition foam is also motion isolated, this means you will not have disturbed nights if your partner frequently wakes up at night or changes position while sleeping.

Dense Base Layer

The last base layer is 6.5 inches made up of poly foam. This layer provides support to the above layers and maintains the shape of the bed. This layer provides the firmness to the whole mattress.


Bear mattress offers its customers a 100 nights free sleep trial and 10-year warranty.


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