If you ever had an experience of buying a mattress, you would know how expensive this commodity has become. Finding the best mattress under $500 is like an impossible feat, but not anymore. To your surprise, there are a lot of companies out there who are making high-quality mattresses with amazingly low prices, making your life easier and more comfortable than ever.

Most of us might not notice this, but our day completely depends upon our night’s sleep. Living in a world where our days are busy as a bee, even a little fatigue can knock down our performance. Having a good night’s sleep is like the first vital step to boost your productivity, and a good sleep depends almost entirely upon your mattress and pillow.

A lot of people who reportedly have low productivity and tiredness throughout the day are more likely to be going through all this trouble due to a faulty mattress. As simple as it sounds, fixing this problem really takes no time. No doubt that mattresses have now become a luxury, and not everyone has a pocket strong enough to bear the price. In such a time finding the best mattress under 500 dollars is nothing short of a blessing.

Having a good mattress can prevent a lot of medical problems including weakened backbone, back pain, allergies, weak immune system, memory impairment, and even excessive weight gain. If you are looking forward to living a happier and healthier life, you need to get a comfortable sleep and your mattress should not be messing with it.

After a careful survey and research by our experts, we have finally compiled a list of every best mattress under 500 dollars that you should be investing in this season. This guide list will help you choose the most suitable mattress according to your lifestyle.

Every mattress is different and buying something as important as this, should be done with a lot of research. We have made your work easier; you don’t even have to worry about where to buy these products because they can be ordered online easily. Just go through this list, and order it now!

7 Best Mattress Under $500 in Our View

While compiling the list of all these comfy mattresses, we went through the reviews of many users from different walks of life. To make this listing as real as possible, we will provide you a complete insight into the details and features of the mattress. A pros and cons list at the end will help you figure out what suits you the best.

Zinus 12-Inch Pressure Relief Mattress

This mattress is the wonder of this century, employing the highest quality foam manufactured after years of research. Memory foam is the latest technology meant to make your sleeping experience more comfortable. The foam is made up of special polyurethane material that keeps it both stiff and strong while providing great posture to your body. It takes the shape of your body as you sleep so that you don’t have to adjust yourself again and again. Zinus 12-Inch Pressure Relief Mattress undoubtedly makes its place as the best mattress below 500 dollars.

zinus 12-inch pressure relief mattress

  • Releases pressure
  • Comfy to sleep on
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easily shipped
  • Queen size might be too big for some beds
  • Takes a lot of time to deflate after delivery
  • Difficult to shift places
  • No cooling effect
  • Has to be opened with 72 hours of shipping

This mattress is not just about comfort, another striking feature that makes it your perfect choice is its durability and strength. The mattress is 12 inches thick with 6-inch high quality and high-density base support foam.

This gives the mattress an ability to last through years of use. With a 3-inch pressure-relieving foam layer, Zinus 12-Inch Pressure Relief Mattress will suck away all the stiffness from your body making you feel light and active in the morning.

The outermost part of the mattress is made up of a 3-inch layer of memory foam. It will take up the shape of your body and provide you with all the comfort that you could wish for. The cherry on top is the amazing affordability of this product that makes it the best mattress under 500 dollars for the people who need a stress-free sleep for healthy mornings.  

Most of the times when you look for a cheaper mattress, its durability becomes a big question for you. No matter how strong and durable the company claims it to be, you cannot be sure what will happen within a few years. Zinus 12-Inch Pressure Relief Mattress relieves you of this stress with its CertiPUR – (the US Certified for durability, performance, and content) guarantee.

In times when environmental sustenance has become a global issue, millions of ailments related to the use of plastic materials are being discovered. Whereas Zinus 12-Inch Pressure Relief Mattress has a solution for this problem too.

This mattress employs biofoam technology which is the latest product of the evolution of memory foam. It replaces petroleum products in your traditional mattresses with natural plant-based products. This will not only be environment-friendly, but your mattress will stay super fresh all the time. 

Above all of these features, this product has a special shipping method that will compress it so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of carrying a huge mattress around your house.

After it has arrived, open the packaging within the next 72 hours and let it deflate for 48 hours before use. Using the mattress before this time will not affect its quality, but you won’t be able to enjoy it fully before the mandatory 48 hours deflation time.

Key Features

  1. Better night’s sleep due to comforting memory foam
  2. Three-layered mattress with 3-inch memory foam layer, 3 inches pressure-release foam layer and a 6-inch high-density base layer.
  3. CertiPUR (the US Certified for durability, performance, and content) certified foam.
  4. Environment-friendly BioFoam that will keep you and your mattress fresh
  5. Can be compressed and shipped smartly

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This is where the old durability meets the latest technology giving you the comfort that you are looking for with the least investment. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is a one of a kind hybrid product, using a spring core with memory foam on the outside.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam

  • Traditional spring core durability
  • Comfort foam to make it your best sleeping partner
  • Low price
  • Easy shipping
  • Prevents back pain
  • Maybe a little uncomfortable for people who are used to sleep on plush surfaces
  • Can’t be stored when compress packed.
  • Has to be flipped after a few months

With the medium-firm feel, your body will find support along with reduced pressure points on your body. Enjoy your night sleep with the best mattress under 500 dollars.

Wondering how this mattress will make your life easier? The eight-inch foam has a high-quality innerspring mattress that provides perfect support and will prevent your body from morning aches.

This mattress is great for kids’ rooms as they are sensitive to hard sleeping surfaces. The springs are so durable that even jumping on them won’t affect the quality. Above all, this mattress is super light on your pocket which makes it a perfect package.

The mattress has high-quality memory foam that aligns your spine and gives your body the comfort that it needs. It will take up the shape of your body so that no pressure points develop around your spine, maintaining good muscle and joint health.

The outer cover of the mattress is beautifully stitched which will give your bed and your room a whole new touch of style and elegance. The cozy fabric used for covering the mattress will hug you into a baby’s sleep.

All the extravagant features make this mattress an answer to your search for the best mattress under 500 dollars. A layer of comfort foam in between the spring layer and the memory foam set apart the Linenspa hybrid mattress as a super comfortable option.

This is one of the most liked low price mattresses that you can get. The medium-firm feel is good for people with back issues and joint problems. This incredible design will distribute your body weight evenly, and contour your body providing an out of the world experience for you.

Lastly, this mattress saves you from your biggest nightmare of carrying a huge mattress around your house. With the latest patented technology, Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is easily compressed and packed while shipping.

Just bring the mattress where ever you want to place it and open its packaging to get your product ready to use within some hours. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty saving you from any unfortunate manufacturing errors.

Key Features

  1. 8-inch thickness with innerspring core, a comfort foam, and a memory foam.
  2. Perfect for kids room with its high durability and comfort.
  3. Contouring memory foam.
  4. Memory form lining makes it plush and aligns the spine, in turn, reducing pressure points on the body when you sleep
  5. Medium stiff mattress providing posture and comfort at the same time
  6. Very affordable price and some alternative options are also offered with extra features
  7. Easy to order online and convenient shipping options due to its compressibility

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress employs the latest technologies of the mattress industry providing you with an innovatively comfortable design. The mattress is constructed with state of the art elegant designing, making it both comfortable and stylish for your room.

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

  • Gel technology for maintaining body temperature
  • Plush and comfortable feel
  • Resist dust mites and allergens
  • Long-lasting design
  • Maintenance of airflow and ventilation
  • Align the body and joints
  • Gains back its original shape fast
  • 10 years warranty and CertiPUR-US Certification
  • Too soft for people with backbone problems
  • Cannot stay compressed for too long
  • Light-colored cover can get dirty easily

Most surprisingly, this luxury mattress comes at a very affordable price which makes its reputation as the best mattress under 500 dollars. The gel technology imparts breathability to the mattress which makes it fresh, long-lasting, and enhances your sleeping experience.

Gel memory foam is an amazing breakthrough technology with gel beads infused in the memory foam layer of the mattress. These gel beads can capture your body heat and then evenly distribute it evenly throughout so that you can have an uninterrupted and comfortable sleeping experience.

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is specially designed to ventilate and maintain airflow in the sleeping layer so that your body’s sleeping temperature is maintained while you snore as you mean it.

Unlike other mattresses that warrant the longevity, LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress has a very plush and cozy feel with minimum stiffness. This mattress is 12 inches thick with a 3 inch ventilated gel memory foam layer, 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam support layer, and 8-inch high-density foam base. This makes it one of the best mattresses that are entirely made up of memory foam, unlike the common ones. 

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress maintains its place as the best mattress under 500 dollars with its stunningly durable design. The open cell construction increases the resilience of the foam so that it regains its original shape quickly after you get up.

Also, the mattress keeps itself free from any harmful allergens and dust mites saving you from the trouble that you have to face with your older mattresses. With an astounding CertiPUR-US Certification and 10 years warranty, you can be at peace while spending your money on this one.

The mattress is carefully manufactured to help you with some common health problems. A layer of high-quality memory foam will conform to your body shape, and align your backbone to prevent back pain and uncalled-for tiredness.

Every curve of your body is perfectly contoured by the mattress so that your neck, back, and hips face the least pressure. Say Hello to a happier, healthier and more active life with the LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

This hypoallergenic mattress is manufactured to industry standard dimensions for easy bedding purchases and applications.

Key Features

  1. 12-inch plush mattress completely made up of memory foams.
  2. Comfortable and supportive gel beads technology that smoothly aligns your body with the mattress, keeping the curves in the right place and reducing pressure points preventing your body from unwanted aches.
  3. Breathable design with ventilation technology and regulated airflow that will make your sleep more soothing and comfortable by adjusting the sleep temperature of your body.
  4. A plush and comfortable outer cover of the foam made with the high-quality ENCEL blend fabric that will reduce moisture on the surface so that your body can breathe while you sleep.
  5. LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is shipped in a compressed foam and reliable packaging so that you can set the product wherever you want without extra effort and manpower. 

SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress is a stunning and affordable design with tons of exciting qualities that you would want in a mattress to ensure your good night’s sleep. It is a medium-stiff product which is both comfortable and supportive at the same time. The striking qualities of the SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress make it stand out as the best mattress under 500 dollars. So, what is new? Have a look!

SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam

  • Maintains body temperature
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Memory foam design
  • High ventilation
  • Motion isolation
  • Lesser thickness
  • Medium stiff feel

This extravagant mattress is made up of high-quality memory foam that retains the body impression, making your sleeping experience very different and comforting. The gel technology infused in the mattress makes it a temperature regulator that will soothe your body and keep it cool even in hot summer days.It is like a mini air conditioner except that is uses no electricity. Sleeping on a cooler surface will make you wake up refreshed and revitalized every morning.

SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress owes its energizing sleeping experience to the pressure releasing technology that contours mattress’s surface according to your body so that every part adjusts itself in the most comfortable position.

This setup works the best for side sleepers and the people who like sleeping on their backs. Lesser pressure enhances the vitality of sleep and makes you stay active throughout the day. Who knew a mattress could contribute this much to your successful life!

If you are someone tired of your partner’s constant movement at night, you have just found the blessing of your life. This is not just the best mattress under 500 dollars because of its gel technology and memory foam, but also a high-tech motion isolation technology that will make sure your sleep is not disrupted by your partner’s movements.

The design absorbs motion, and the ripple effect of ordinary mattresses will not wake you up in the middle of the night. It is a complete treat for you to live a comfortable and happy life.

This mattress utilizes a completely safe technology using polyurethane memory foam without any harmful additives. The foam is completely free of toxic chemicals like heavy metals formaldehyde and low VOCs that worsen health conditions like asthma and allergies and also make you dizzy and nauseous all the time. The CertiPUR-US certification is proof of a high standard of manufacturing and safety of this mattress. 

SLEEPINC 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress comes with a warranty and provides a 24/7 support helpline so that you can report any error in manufacturing as soon as it is encountered without having to face the extra trouble. It’s undoubtedly the best mattress under 500 dollars that has all the luxury qualities of an expensive one without being too much of a burden to your pocket.

Wondering where to buy this product? It is easily available online and delivered by amazon to your doorstep. A high-quality compression delivery makes the shipping process easier and convenient for you. As soon as you receive the package, let your mattress fully deflate for 48 hours before sleeping to get the best benefits.

Key Features

  1. Comfortable cooling design due to the gel technology that will keep your body temperature maintained for a healthier and comfortable sleep.
  2. Pressure-relieving design will keep your muscles and joints in the right position.
  3. The surface of the memory foam can contour to adjust will all body types providing support to every part of the body.
  4. Motion isolation technology will absorb the movement of your partner so that your night sleep is not disrupted.
  5. The mattress is free from any harmful chemicals and is CertiPUR-US certified.
  6. Trusted craftsmanship
  7. Special compression shipment that makes it easier to ship the mattress to your place. Just give 48 hours to your mattress so that it can deflate to have a comfortable sleeping experience.

FLIP by Nest Bedding Mattress

It’s a luxury foam and coil hybrid mattress that has all the potential of becoming the new talk of the town. A mattress that has completely different sleeping experience just after a single flip; that is what you get with FLIP by Nest. This elegant design is created to provide every person with their individual comfort needs. This one is the best mattress under 500 dollars that provide this dynamic experience for the users.

FLIP by Nest Bedding Mattress

  • Option to choose the side of your comfort
  • Cooling gel technology
  • Great for people with back problems
  • 30 night sleep cashback warranty
  • Too firm for comfort sleepers who like plush surfaces
  • Heavy to carry around the house.
  • Uneven body support due to springs might cause body aches to some people.
  • Spring mattresses generally have a shorter life span.

This mattress has a high-quality spring-based core with 660-gauge Caliber Coils making it strong from the inside providing support for both sides of the mattress. This is the first flappable hybrid mattress that has double-sided sleeping surfaces with different features and qualities. The outer layer of this mattress is made up of gel-based memory foam that is the epitome of comfortable sleeping in this time.

The gel beads in the upper memory foam layers make this mattress very comforting. It is very beneficial for people who have temporary back problems. The two-sided design allows you to flip from a medium-stiff and fairly plush side to a rather stiffer one. Choose what suits your body the most.

Strength of the high quality and durable coil interior will provide you with a sense of security and assure the longevity of your mattress making your investment worth every penny. If you are in search of the best mattress under 500 dollars, then this might be your favorite bid because you get a two in one experience at the same price.

Both the surfaces of FLIP by Nest Bedding Mattress are breathable and have complete ventilation going on while you sleep by providing you with a world-class experience. Ventilation and airflow will manage your body temperature and adjust according to your individual needs.

If you are facing problems of excessive dizziness or insomnia, it might be because of an obstructed sleep cycle. This mattress can prove to be a beacon of hope in your life.

The fact that this mattress is made in the USA provides you with a feeling of trust and a chance to support your country’s workers. Find your optimal comfort sleep at an amazingly low price; isn’t it a win-win situation all around?

The biggest plus point of this mattress is the reliability and durability with which it is made. Not only the FLIP by Nest Bedding Mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US, but also the brand provides you with a one-month night sleep trial. If you feel like the mattress is not adjusting properly with your sleeping patterns within the next 30 days, you can return it with full cash-back.

Key Features

  1. Hybrid technology with gel foam and coil
  2. Cooling and ventilating gel that manages body temperature while sleeping
  3. Two breathable and ergonomically supportive sleep surfaces in a medium and firm designed for side, stomach and back sleepers. Helps in sleeping comfortable and cool, with built-in airflow and cool sleeping fabric.
  4. The strong inner core and durable design with 30 days night trial cashback policy.
  5. Certified by CertiPUR-US.
  6. Exclusively available on Amazon

Dreamtale 10 Inch Pocket Spring Euro Pillow Top Mattress

Elegance and style is the first thing that you will notice in this classy Italian mattress. An ergonomic design and fine stitching make it a delight to look at. The Italy pattern designing with luxury knitted jacquard fabric comes as a bonus with this super comfortable Dreamtale 10 Inch Pocket Spring Euro Pillow Top Mattress. You want the best mattress under 500 dollars and need something to light up your room with a stylish aura as well? This is all that you are looking for.

Dreamtale 10 Inch Pocket Spring Euro Pillow Top Mattress

  • Durable and Reliable
  • Safe to use with flammability testing and fire resistant cotton fabric used in manufacturing.
  • Comfortable support foam
  • Plush feel that is perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • Do not last longer as compared to foam mattresses
  • Bad for people with back problems due to a soft outer foam
  • Uneven distribution of body weight due to springs

The superior and high-quality support foam that recognizes your body’s curves and provides you with a sleep that you always have been missing on. Thick carbon pocket spring core makes the interior of the mattress durable and strong preventing it from squishing within a few months. The outer side of the mattress has a one-inch layer of supporting memory foam that makes all the difference.

The mattress is designed to provide deep support to your neck and spine making you feel lighter and relaxed as soon as you lie down. The people who look out for a cozy bed would love to have a Dreamtale 10 Inch Pocket Spring Euro Pillow Top Mattress on their beds.

Unlike many spring foam mattresses, this one has a very plush feel which will comfort you and keep your body in the right posture as well. Apart from all other amazing features, Dreamtale 10 Inch Pocket Spring Euro Pillow Top Mattress is extremely safe to use and has passed the flammability tests with American standard fire-resistant cotton.

Since most of the mattresses are too heavy to carry around and ship, this one has a patented technology that compresses the mattress and rolls it into a compact packaging. It will be shipped without any trouble and will be ready to use within 48 to 72 hours after the packaging is opened.

If you are already excited about buying this best mattress under 500 dollars, take a look at the key features of this product and compare them with others so that you make an informed decision.

Key Features

  1. Italy pattern design with luxury knitted jacquard fabric & Ergonomic design
  2. Pocket spring core that provides strength to the entire structure of the mattress
  3. Natural polyurethane foam without any toxic and harmful substances
  4. Two-side double 1-inch high-density support foam and High-quality carbon pocket spring provide the perfect balance of comfort and deep down support for a superior night’s rest.
  5. Safe to use with flammability testing and fire resistant cotton fabric
  6. The easy and convenient shipping process

Zinus Extra Firm iCoil 12 Inch Support Plus Mattress

Some things make us drown in their charm even at the first glance and Zinus Extra Firm iCoil 12 Inch Support Plus Mattress surely is one of them. It has such a sleek design that will mold itself according to the overall vibe of your room so that you get the best quality with the best appearance and all this at an amazingly affordable price.

Zinus Extra Firm iCoil 12 Inch Support Plus Mattress

  • Extra-firm support is great for backbone health
  • Comfort layer makes it easy to sleep on
  • The durability of a good quality coil core
  • Individually wrapped coils for motion isolation
  • 10 years limited warranty
  • The classy appearance that will go with almost any room
  • Extra firmness might be uncomfortable for some people
  • Mattresses with springs do not last very long.
  • No gel infusion to maintain body temperature

This mattress has a classy 12-inch height with individually wrapped coils making up a strong core that will provide excellent durability to the mattress. It also has a 2.5-inch high-density foam support layer with an outermost lining of 1.5 inches thick top comfort foam. This careful manufacturing provides a relaxing night’s sleep and a refreshing morning. What else could one wish for?

A 7.5-inch thick layer of individually wrapped springs makes the mattress heaven for people whose partners move a lot while sleeping. This high-tech design absorbs the motion and prevents the ripple effect that can obstruct your sleep. Have the peace of mind that you need with a night of uninterrupted sleep to make your days more active.

The mattress comes covered with a finely stitched and knitted Jacquard Cool Fabric that gives it a subtle fancy outlook. Now your room will look better with the best foam under 500 dollars that will break you free from backaches and fatigued body.

Key Features

  1. Individually wrapped coil layer at the center that makes the mattress very durable.
  2. Motion isolation technology will absorb any unwanted movement so that you can have an uninterrupted sleep
  3. A support foam layer with an outer comfort foam layer makes it a reliable and comfortable option.
  4. Cover made up of Fabric Knitted Jacquard Cool Fabric.
  5. Extra-firm Support
  6. The Foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, performance, and content.
  7. Worry-free 10 years limited warranty.


No wonder you are super confused by now. All of these mattresses have some strikingly attractive features and reading any description will make you feel like this is the best foam under 500 dollars that I should get. But, when you are stuck with such a confusion choice, you have to set forth all your priorities and then decide.

Mattresses that have a memory foam layer are considered the most useful and comfortable these days. This is the latest technology that makes the foam take up your body shape by contouring its surface and give you a peaceful sleep without any pressure on your body. However, almost all of these recommendations have memory foam so whichever you buy, you will get the comfort of this breakthrough technology.

When we talk about gel infusion technology, it is relatively rare and very attractive as well. A breathable mattress will keep you fresh by maintaining your body temperature.  But unfortunately, this quality does not last very long in many types of foam. Besides, some people may find gel beads infused memory foam very uncomfortable too. We would recommend careful research on whether or not you are comfortable with the gel layer before you buy a mattress with gel beads. Even if you do not find the technology very appealing, you still have some non-gel based mattresses to choose from.

Now, you might be confused about the inner core of the mattress, all these options seem pretty amazing but what makes any of these the best foam under 500 dollars for you? The simple answer to this riddle is your personal preference. Are you the one tired of your partner’s constant movement?

Do you like a firm yet springy mattress? If yes, then you can get any of these mattresses with coil core. However, if you like a plush sleeping mattress, a firm one will make you very uncomfortable. On the other hand, a plush and soft mattress can trigger back pain in some people. We have compiled a list of mattresses for back pain.

After considering the way you want your mattress to feel, you have to keep other factors in mind as well. The height of your bed will decide how thick your mattress should be. Most of the time, thick mattresses are for lower beds and when a bed is high, people choose a thinner one. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. You have to make a tradeoff between comfort and appearance of the bed if they do not go accordingly.

The warranty of a mattress will make you confident about your investment. Who wants to buy a mattress that cannot last even for a few years? We have made sure that all of the mattresses that we have mentioned in this list are high-quality ones with at least 10 years limited warranty. If you want to be on a safe side, always ask your seller about the warranty and make sure you are getting what you want.

All of these tips and tricks will make it easy for you to finally choose one of the options, but don’t rush into anything. Things like mattresses are not changed very frequently. Before you make such an investment, be sure that you are getting what you want. Do your research and feel free to question the seller. Another important thing that can help you is feature comparison. Compare the pros and cons of every mattress and then decide which one works for you the most.

Lastly, do not get influenced very easily by what is trending and what people are buying. This article is a guide that will help you in making an informed decision. We presented you with the facts and an explanation to them so that you know what may or may not work for you, but in the end, the decision is all yours to take.


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