The foundation of a healthy day is a great night’s sleep. Everyone wants a solution for their restless nights of turning and tossing, but it is very hard to pick the right mattress.

14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Luckily, the 14-inch memory foam mattress from LUCID has tested all of the boxes for support, value, safety, and comfort. This mattress is best for all types of sleepers regardless of their weight or sleep habits.

Plus, it is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

Just recently, LUCID modified LUCID 14 Inch plus Memory Foam Mattress and transformed its composition to a whole new level of excellence. You might come across a lot of reviews about this LUCID mattress, but most of them will be related to the previous version of this mattress, and a lot of consumers have no idea how amazing the new LUCID 14 Inch memory foam mattress is.

You must know that the original LUCID mattress version contains

  • 01 bamboo charcoal layer
  • 02 support foam layer
  • 03 comfort memory foam layer and
  • 08 foam foundation

The new version, on the other hand, contains 10” of high density and quality foam foundation.

What’s more? The traditional memory foam mattress is replaced with a gel-infused memory foam mattress that provides comfort to those who are cool sleepers. The extra comfort layer is extracted from the mattress, and the base is thickened up to 10 inches, which is one of the major changes LUCID has made in its mattress.

With a lot of effort, the new version of this mattress is soft, not too soft, though. The sinking depth decreases, and thanks to the cooling gel, no amount of heat retentions will be expected. The overall review of the LUCID 14-inch memory foam mattress is that it is much better than the original one.

When it comes to the warranty, LUCID provides one of the best warranty policies in the entire mattress industry. With every mattress you buy from LUCID, you will receive a complete, warranty on each.

Of course, LUCID is a trusted mattress manufacturer, but it is still suggested that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty document so that nothing goes unnoticed.

As soon as you get your mattress, register it so that you can activate your warranty policy. The process is very simple, in fact, your dealership will guide you with it.

Features of the LUCID 14 Inch Memory Foam Mattress


Without a doubt, LUCID always has a stronghold on its consumers. The best and most admirable feature about the LUCID 14-inch memory foam mattress is its affordable price.

With such amazing quality, how can one expect such a reasonable price? However, when we compare it with the Tempurpedic Cloudlux, the LUCID 14 inch is still priced at a better rate.

The mattress contains the perfect blend of soft with firmness. The bamboo charcoal layer on the surface really helps to improve the softness of the 14-inch, and the density foam gel maintains the firmness as well, which gives us the perfect blend of a mattress.

Soft or Firm

The top layer of this mattress is designed to create that floating-feather effect, and you will sink in the mattress enough to get a good night’s sleep.

The 10” memory foam base offers the right amount of firmness to your body and takes care of your curves. An all-soft mattress cannot create a smooth and comfortable environment for the sleeper, a little amount of firmness is also needed to make a difference.

Zero Motion Transfer

Once you lay your body on the LUCID mattress, the pressure from every part of your body will be eliminated, and a comfortable position for you will be created in the mattress. With that being said, you won’t notice any movements of your partner.

For instance, your partner will not feel a single breeze of you rolling in or out from the bed. Other than that, the mattress is very quiet and doesn’t make any noise during movements.

Best for Backaches

For those of you who suffer from back pains, this mattress will be of huge help. With the combination of firmness and softness, your pain will not become worse, but it will go away. The LUCID mattress is covered in cashmere, and that increases its plush and softness.

Other than that, the mattress will offer you both conformability for your entire body and will support your back in a very pleasant way.

Final Thoughts

The 14-inch memory foam mattress is simply unique in its qualities and best for everyone. Although it is soft in texture and feels but still much durable for lifetime use.

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